Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Catch Up, Bad Dinner

We managed to catch Mr Pang last Friday before he flew off again. Had a great catch up at Sunset Grill and Pub, thanks to MIL who helped babysit Chloe for us. Arh.. can't remember when was the last time we enjoyed dinner with friends, without Chloe tagging along hee..

However, the food was quite a let down. I haven't visited this place for over a year. The food wasn't as good as what I expected anymore. Yet the crowd has doubled or maybe tripled. Hmmm....

My disappointing fish n chips.
I wonder if the fish is the main, or the coleslaw?

The so-so lamb chop, according to Mr Pang

The only saviour of the dinner, was their signature buffalo wings!

Hmm... This place won't be on our to-recommend-list anymore...

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Novi said...

I also miss having supper with friends, starbuck-ing or watch with caleb, it's impossible to do least I've to wait til he's older..hehe parenthood takes sacrifice huh?