Sunday, January 24, 2010


A compilation of the food journey we took over the past month..,
hm... or a crime evidence of how we actually got sick :)

Thick, warm soup at Outback Steakhouse
(yummier compared to the main course, and lousy staff service sad to say!)

Domani - nice but portion too small for our liking

brotzeit again, ooh la la..

Changing appetites
was fooled by the 'free kids meal with 2 main courses order', never to go back again (the ribs and calamari made me sick after a while...)

The superb oreo banana smoothie from Hip Diner USA (by Billy Bombers)

Lastly, pure indulgence at Pioneer Wharf

I'm a total sua gu to first try foie gras in my whole life..

Still remember how my throat felt after this! hehehe

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