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HK Day 3 | 2 May 2011

It was our 2nd last day in HK, and having not planned the exact itinerary, we strolled out after breakfast and took the unusual route. We were walking towards Tsim Sha Tsui from the hotel and viola, we reached Harbour City 海港城, a huge shopping centre with a wide range of shopping *happy*

Taking a shot with the exterior of the shopping mall, after escaping the temptations *phew*

So, we continued walking, go through the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station to go to our next destination

And we reached Avenue of Stars 星光大道 soon after.

Chloe activated her star-mode posing

Bosco was slightly grumpy, being in the stroller for too long

Again, the crowd in the background...

Our only couple shot taken during the trip

Posing with our idols' handprints

Singing and enjoying the cuttlefish we bought during the walk, super yummy!

Next, we went back to the Tsim Sha Tsui underpass to discover this linked mall, K11
It has a unique art+shop concept with this open space for us to take a break.

Bosco was happy to get out of stroller and given a piece of 老婆饼 for his tea break.

While dancing and eating, the 老婆饼 slipped out of his hand, hence this wailing face

Hugging a whiny baby to pose with this toast-made Mona Lisa
Cool, isn't it?

Out of K11, we took the train to Mongkok 旺角 and did a brief shop at Ladies Market 女人街.
Managed to curb my craving of egg waffles 雞蛋仔, 臭豆腐,炸大肠 。。。Good time had to end soon as the boy was super cranky, the crowd was getting too overwhelming for the 4 of us. Ah well, Chloe was still in her posing mode, haha!!

So, we flagged a cab back to the hotel, reunited with PIL and Kelly for dinner at Tsui Wah (3rd time) near the hotel. And back again to the hotel to meet one of our relatives in HK.

Here Chloe and Bosco with some serious posing.

And me, outside the hotel, miss those street lights...

Meet the relatives, the one in orange is Andy's distant cousin from Hainan.

That night after the kids were asleep, Andy and I sneaked out to have more 炸大肠 in the vicinity and shopped at 女人街. I really miss those moments!!

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