Friday, July 22, 2011

HK and Macau Holiday Finale

HK Day 4 | 3 May 2011

Last day at HK *sobs*, we decided to pamper ourselves to a good dim sum at East Ocean 东海, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, next to Shangri-la Hotel.

A little disappointed initially, when we learnt that they didn't serve 流沙包 like we have it here in Singapore. But everything else was just so uhmmmm yummay!!

Chloe's accomplishment of the day – getting to use the chopstick independently

Little Bosco wasn't too happy cos he didn't get his pair of chopstick

Kelly's beaming, spoilt with choices :)

After lunch, we settled the kids back to the hotel for a short nap. That's part of the agenda to sneak out without the kids again. We savoured last round of desserts before leaving for the airport around 4pm.

We arrived really really early at the airport. The kids couldn't be happier, not to mention recharged, after their power nap.

Do you know why Chloe was posing side way?

Because she said she wanted to be like Barbie, captured side view in this wallpaper..
Haha, funny girl :)

Dinner took place at you guess where...
Yup! We had dinner at Tsui Wah again... (4th time), and the standard of food was equally as good as before, especially their 鱼蛋河粉.

Chloe and Kelly posing as pilots, at the dummy plane next to the eatery area

On the way to our departing terminal

Little act of vanity before boarding the plane

On our way back to Singapore... 好舍不得...

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