Friday, July 15, 2011

The Peak and Madame Tussauds

HK Day 2 PM | 1 May 2011

The initial plan to take the tram up to the peak was changed due to the queue was exceptionally long. It was the 黄金周 holiday for HK and China that whole week. So, we flagged a cab and paid about HKD200+ to The Peak to beat the crowd.

Photo upon reaching.
(if you could see the return tram queue at the right, it was at least double the crowd down there...)

Walking up the building, I think this huge wall poster was interesting..

What a foggy night, we hardly could see any buildings~~

Better, but blurry shots...

After dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant, we decided to head down to Madame Tussauds for the wax figures exhibition. So we were greeted by 林志玲, shortly after a 'must-pay' photo taken with 成龙 at the main entrance.

Andy and Chloe tagging along the hall of fame with Nicole Kidman


Andy + Bosco + Andy

I have no idea who this is. But Chloe insisted she must take a photo with her. Guess what did Chloe spill to her white dress?

The man and boy soon ran to Ayumi

Even my dear FIL too! hehehe

Taking a family shot with Kelly. Bosco was so afraid to get near her :P

Bosco getting warmed up. Posing with Lady Diana

Andy and FIL taking photograph with their best friend :D

And more....

Got wacky with Einstein



Bosco enjoying every bit now..

exhausting yet super fun!!!

Handsome men and boy :)

Madonna versus Lady Gaga?

Last stop, bye bye 千嬅..

I think Andy and I burnt a lot of calories exploring and carrying Chloe and Bosco up and down at this place.. Phoa~~

So again, we flagged a cab down straight to our hotel with aching arms and legs. That summed up to a fulfilling day 2. Oh no, wait, I think Andy and I sneaked out to 庙街 and shopped after the kids were asleep. Shiok!

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