Monday, September 5, 2011

Serious Sin(幸)-Ful(福)-ING

In the span of a month, both Andy and I have put back the kilos we managed to lose in the past 4 months. We threw the idea of dieting far out of the windows ever since we spend the weekends with the Gohs.

Being able to eat whatever we want, feel really good!

Being able to enjoy the good food together, damn it's the most Sin(幸)-Ful(福) thing in the world!

Home made steamboat and bbq, all prepared by Mrs Goh!

And the men did their best – finishing the food!

Another weekend, another hot pot and such contented looks!

Yum.. Yum.. tummy is yearning for some hot soup as I blog...

That's not all! A lovely coffee break was equally indulging...

... accompanied with a game or two..

oops – take 1

oops – take 2


and this is the pro.. :P

Finally, us, the serious Sin(幸)-Ful(福)-ING crime offenders!!


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