Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cruising Thru Time

A little hiatus since the last post.. My weekdays nights had been spent doing house chores and nothing but house chores. And it made me realize the freak in me. I bet the husband was a little annoyed by my persistence in cleaning up the house. Sorryyyyy....

Now with all things aside, I'm in a very settled mood to blog about tomorrow, or rather, later in the day... We are going away on a little vacation, yep it'll be just the four of us. What makes this special, it's as what the husband call it, the rekindled honeymoon.

Flash back 4 years ago, Andy and I went on a cruise holiday, as our 'honeymoon', right after my first trimester, together with both our parents and Kelly along.... Now u know why this time will be special!! :) So stories been shared to Chloe that she was in my tummy back then, and this trip will actually be her second. I wonder if she really understands...?

Anyway, some of the photos back then...

It was more than FOUR years ago.. okay?? *ahem*

around 16–17 weeks preggie with Chloe

my most favourite photo during the trip!

"oh, darling, what had we eaten for the past 4 days?"

Well, let's hope we don't grow too fat after this trip!


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