Friday, July 31, 2009

35 Weeks and 3 Days: Sugar Rush! :X

Brought forward my appointment to this morning. Another bad wait at ACJ today, I think we spent good 2 hours there. I have to think there are more and more pregnant ladies going for private clinic these days, or particularly Dr Adrian Tan is good :P

Bosco continues to gain around 300g per week! He is weighing almost 3kg now, compared to some 11 days back. I gained another 1 kg. A total weight gain of 12 kg as of now (35 weeks).

Baby's head is still nicely down, though not engaged yet. No signs of delivery yet. Dr Tan mentioned that Bosco is going to be born bigger than Chloe. I hope I could have another fast and smooth delivery this time!!

Did the swab test today, and also took another blood test! -_- Apparently I have been indulging myself too much on my milo that I didn't pass my urine test. There's deep guilt in me, I thought I have everything well-controlled so far. Gggrr.... Hopefully the GD test turned out negative. It is only a mere 5-week-journey away...

Praying hard...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Love Green!

Can't bear not to show-off this pic of me and Chloe!
She was barely 6mths old in the photo.
Sweet isn't it? hehehehe

Chloe The Builder

"Received new toy from Auntie Karen!" *wee*

"OK. This should be good.."

"Auntie Karen, swee boh?"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

35 Weeks: Spending Time With Chloe

Utilizing my leftover ECCL (Enhanced Child Care Leave) before I start my ML!

If you wonder that little bruise on Chloe's right cheek,
that's a result of her own mischief act.
tsk, tsk, tsk... heartpain!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chloe Completes A Puzzle!

Her 21 months milestone! :)

Chloe Completes A Puzzle! from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

Chloe The Painter

"Let me recall how did Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa smile..."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Da Vinci The Genius

Thanks to the complimentary tickets from RZ, the 3 of us headed down to Singapore Science Centre for the first time as a family. I was so excited the day before to this excursion, hubby and I were looking forward to the Da Vinci exhibition. I prepared this and that hoping that Chloe will be well entertained and behaved for the outing.

Aiyo, who knows who spoilt the day eventually? It's me, myself who can't bear to stand for long at the exhibition. Panting and having backache, we had to give the main centre a miss and headed home after viewing the collection of the genius :(

Hope to visit there again... hm, maybe with Bosco along too next time! :)

Only a few pictures to share:

Monday, July 20, 2009

33 Weeks: On The Rise

Today's visit to Dr Tan showed that Bosco gained 600 g for the past 2 weeks. He is now weighing around 2.4-2.5 kg. Wow! Dr Tan had to ask me, "What did you eat for the past 2 weeks?"

Nope. Haven't touched durian for over a month. I was eating (almost) as usual lah.. hoho. I did drink a lot of hot milo and maternity milk though. And I'm hooked to nutella spread for my daily breakfast spread. Hm....

My weight gain was also the biggest this round. 1.4 kg gained in 2 weeks. Total weight gain at 33 weeks is around 11 kg.

Dr Tan commented if baby continues to grow in this pace, he would easily weigh 3.5 kg if delivered at 38 weeks. Chloe was born 3.46 kg at week 38 too!

Had him advise me on when's best to start maternity leave. He suggested to start taking 2 weeks before EDD. I'm now looking around 17th or 18th Aug. Will confirm this later.

So, what else are on the rise?

Stretch marks made their first appearance last week. And now they're looking like some kind of treasure map on my tummy.

Feet starts to swell too that I had major cramps attack last night. I thought I had trick to get them under controlled (by stretching the feet). But I was wrong... Thankfully could easily wake hubby up from his piggy deep sleep :P

Inch on the waist, legs, arms, basically all over my body.

The temperature!! I would bathe up to 5 times a day during the weekend.

My temperament. Well.. kind of.. :P

Counting down the days.... Will see Dr Tan again in another 2 weeks' time!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Catch Up, Bad Dinner

We managed to catch Mr Pang last Friday before he flew off again. Had a great catch up at Sunset Grill and Pub, thanks to MIL who helped babysit Chloe for us. Arh.. can't remember when was the last time we enjoyed dinner with friends, without Chloe tagging along hee..

However, the food was quite a let down. I haven't visited this place for over a year. The food wasn't as good as what I expected anymore. Yet the crowd has doubled or maybe tripled. Hmmm....

My disappointing fish n chips.
I wonder if the fish is the main, or the coleslaw?

The so-so lamb chop, according to Mr Pang

The only saviour of the dinner, was their signature buffalo wings!

Hmm... This place won't be on our to-recommend-list anymore...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lady, You're My Sunshine!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photographer For Hire

Since who-knows-when, Chloe claims that our Ixus is now hers. It all started with her imitating using a camera. And now, she's guiding us to pose, yeah, like make a little act-cute pose using our hands, so that she could shoot some nice shots of us!

"Mama, put your hands on your cheek lei.."

"OK. Stay there and don't move!"

No joke. She's getting the hang of it. I certainly don't mind if she have some flair skills in photo shooting as she grows up. Hm.. perhaps she could do better than her Papa in a few years' time :P

See some of her attempts here (non-edited)

16.07.2009 * 21 mths now!

OMG. 3 more months and she'll be 2 years old!

Birth Preparation: Cool Headed

Both hubby and I had our hair shaved cut last Saturday.

I'm getting prepared for the hot hot confinement days to come.

And him?

He needs to stay cool to take my post-natal nonsense hehehe..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

32 Weeks: Sleepless Nights

Not sure if Chloe senses her 'lil brother is coming, or it is only a passing phase, Chloe has been waking up every night since last week. She's been sleeping through the nights since 2 months ago, but now the habit kicks back again.

Few weeks ago, we have created a cosy corner next to our bed for her. She loves her new 'bed' with lots of pillows as the wall protectors. She loves sleeping there although sometimes I offered her to sleep with me on my bed (to be able to put her to sleep without having to squatting up and down). She loves having her milk there before going to bed, she loves having afternoon nap there too.

But things started to change last week. She would wake up (sometimes crying sometimes not), walking to me and waking me up. "Mama, neh neh!" there she asked for milk. After I made the milk, I said, "Ok, go to your bed and get prepped up (read: put hankie on)"

Who knows she would climb to my bed and lie on my pillow with her winning smile... and she would be fast asleep after her midnight feed, hugging on to my bolster. We tried going back to sleep, squeezing on the bed, but it didn't work.

Poor papa had given in to sleep on her cosy corner, allowing space for me and Chloe. But I just couldn't go back to sleep... Not at least struggling for 2 hours. Midway, I would feel hungry, woke up to have a cup of warm milk, like what I'm doing now. I hope coming online would make my eyes sleepy hence sleeping better later!

I really hope things will improve soon...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Love From Auntie Hal

Chloe and Ice Age Mascot

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Balls, BJ and Baby Bop

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snobby Turns Pretty

*See how much she has changed in a year's time...

Monday, July 6, 2009



"来!来!Auntie, Uncle, 来跟我买一瓶酒!"

Friday, July 3, 2009

31 Weeks: Piggy-Me-Not!

Had my monthly check up this morning at ACJ. The wait was slightly better today as compared to last month.

Bosco is growing well. He's indeed picking up on his baby fat! :) He's now weighing around 1.8 kg. Slighty on the bigger side, "but not huge, don't worry!" as assured by Dr Tan. And his head is down too.

What about his Mummy? hee.. I'm only gaining 1.1 kg for the past month. *Wow wee*... So happy to learn about this controlled weight gain. Total weight gain at 31 weeks should be around 10 kg.

From now on, I need to see Dr Tan every 2 weeks.

Less than 2 months, baby!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

31 Weeks: OK, I Lost Count

I told everyone I'm in my 32 weeks whereby I'm only stepping into my 31st.

My baby brain is at its peak. I keep on forgetting stuffs.

My toothache is much controlled now as I visited the dentist again last Sat. Took 5 fillings and 1 temporary dressing to ease the pain.. And I'm short of $350 in my pocket -___- All in all, spent almost $700 for dental care during this pregnancy. *ouch*

I think I'm putting a lot of weight these few weeks. Shall see about it this Friday.

There is a list of things-to-do and buy in my head before baby's arrival. And I really wish to go out fulfill them all. No thanks to H1N1, I'm home-confined earlier than the real confinement actually start! Grrr....

Let's pray for the situation to get better soon!