Tuesday, October 30, 2007

16th Oct 2007 - The Arrival of Chloe

It's been 2 weeks since i delivered baby Chloe. After 38 weeks of the pregnancy journey, finally, hubby and I were upgraded to PARENTS!

If u followed my previous post, I was worried about labour so much that I dreamt I'd be pushed into emergency c-sect.. Now that I consider myself one of the lucky few to have a smooth delivery. Here's a flash back to my birth story:

13th and 14th Oct - I'm glad I got to date with Hubby over the weekend! Just the two of us! :)

15th Oct AM - Hubby and I attended our 1st appointment at the HDB to sign papers for our resale transaction. Soon after the procedure, I whispered to Chloe inside me, "Hey baby, now that this has been signed, u can come out anytime now.. Papa and Mama are ready for your arrival! It's okay even Mama have to go hospital right here right now!"

15th Oct PM - Same thing, Hubby and I kept on talking to Chloe, asking her to give me some delivery signs soon (before hubby has to go on biz trip on the 27th)
Before sleep, slight cramp felt at my waist.. Could this be the IT, the sign?

16th Oct AM - Woke up and thought, "So nothing happened last nite!" But the cramp remained the whole morning. Had my daily routine and went to work as usual. After I reached the office, I started asking 'experienced' colleagues about contraction. "How does it really feel?" I told colleagues, "I got a feeling that baby will come out soon, today most likely!" Haha.. I don't know why i was so sure to make such a comment, guess it was pure mother instinct!! :)

10.30 AM - Slight stain spotted! Oh Wow.. getting more excited. This MUST be IT!! On and off cramp still there, texted a few close friends to double confirm about the signs and updated Hubby at the same time.. Thought I'd wait for a more reassuring sign to kick in.

12.30 AM - Pain was felt more during lunch break, oh good thing i get to enjoy a bowl of hot laksa :)

2.00 PM - The so-called (bloody)show came in! Called up gynae clinic to check. Nurse asked me to time my contraction. When it's getting nearer (5 mins apart) then consider to admit hospital.. Informed my superior and colleagues.. I asked for early release to go home.. Called hubby, mother-in-law and my mum at Indonesia. I was excited instead of nervous! :)

3.15 PM - Hubby came and picked up to go home together.. Contraction sometimes at 5 mins, sometimes at 10 mins apart.

4.00 PM - Reached home and bathed, had a quick bite. Mother-in-law cooked beehoon for me :) MIL urged us to go hospital soon rather than waited at home.

5.20 PM - This is the official admittance time at Thomson Medical Centre. At the observation room, midwife checked, and I was 4 cm dilated!! Yepee.. No false alarm after all, contraction timed at 5 mins apart. But she said to expect another 6 or 7 hours til delivery. Asked if I'd like to have some bite, so I ordered sandwich for dinner.. Yumz.. I didn't want to end up hungry and no energy to push haha

7.00 PM - Pain getting worse.. "Why is my dinner not served yet? Gynae has also not checked in!" Was kinda impatient.. somebody... please check if I'm making any improvement? Any nearer to delivery?

7.45 PM - Finally the sandwich was served.. But I only get to have few bites when the pain went off..

8.00 PM - Real pain.. I was holding on to my eeyore for stress release.. Somebody HELP!

8.50 PM - I forced hubby to bug the midwife on my condition, "Tell her I'm feeling real pain.. please come check on me!"

9.00 PM - Finally she pushed me to labour ward. Checked, I was 8 cm dilated! And started to prep up all the machine and equipment. I was given the laughing gas for pain relief. She taught me how to cope with the contraction by breathing the correct way.

9.15 PM - Oh my dear gynae finally eager to see me.. But wait, he disappeared and went next door to deliver other patient.. Yikes!! My laughing gas was substituted with oxygen, nurse and midwife started teaching me to push the correct way. According to hubby, I was at my most violent stage.. imagine yourself :)

9.30 PM - Gynae came in to see again.. "Oh you're doing great my dear. Keep pushing!" Before he walked out of the labour ward (again), hubby saw him breaking my water bag and said that's to expedite the process!

9.35 PM - Midwife pulled gynae in again (he's outside chitchatting with his secondary classmate, can u believe it?) Then the pushing, the yelling continued, in full force. Push and never give up!! Argh!!!!

10.00 PM - There, my lovely Chloe finally came out to see the world....

The rest was medical procedures: collecting blood from baby's cord and me, stitching, removing of placenta. They're painful, but it's nothing compared to the delivery. Yes, it's not an easy one, yet it's the most unforgettable experience! I still remember how I kept myself awake that night just thinking back the delivery process..

On the end note, I'm still very much proud of myself giving birth the natural way, without getting induced, without any drip and without epidural! Oh Yeah! :*

And Laogong... Thanks for always being there for me :) Love You! Muach!