Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Active at Work

Startin' to feel the wave coming,
This ain't gonna be easy,
Meetings, Deadlines and Submissions,
One after another...

Punching in my 101%
And I believe the results will be fruitful!!!

Catch up soon :)

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chloe's 4th Birthday

Some flashbacks on the celebrations for Chloe's 4th Birthday last month. On the other note, Chloe has gotten the chicken pox from Bosco too. May they recover fast and leave no scar :)

14.10.2011| Celebration at School
Just got outta afternoon nap Chloe, posing happily with her Stitch cake. She had this love at the first sight with Stitch and currently still on her top favourite list.

We (the 2 sis-in-laws, Chloe and Bosco) arrived at her childcare slightly after 3pm. Chloe's classmates were all expecting her (cake and goodie bags) already.

Bosco added on, "Make it fast, jie! We still need to meet Papa for dinner!"

Birthday song was sung, wishes were made, candles were blown and the cake was cut!

That's Chloe + classmates and Teacher Jermaine. (Chloe moved from Little Footprints to Sparkletots since April and had been the only girl in the N2 class ever since.)

Then I brought the kids to take the public transports to meet Papa for dinner. Bosco expressed that he loved the bus more than the train and vice versa for Chloe.

Dinner at Cocina de Pasion. Yumz Spanish meal..

15.10.2011| Feasting Saturday
Lunch with the family at Yummy Claypot and Dinner with the Gohs at Ichiban Sushi@AMK Hub *burp* topped with Gong Cha thereafter.

16.10.2011| Actual Day Celebration
Highlight of the day – Big Hello Kitty cake for the birthday girl

Sweet cake from Pine Garden

My Happy Darling!

Happy Family!

Love everyone's smile in this photo!

And yes, Ning Xuan visited with a huge surprise gift again! Thank you!!

Lunch was birthday noodle prepared by mum-in-law and Dinner was at Mellben@Toa Payoh with the family... *my pants were really giving way already*

Last but not least, huge big thanks to all who have made this day special – your greetings and well wishes had brought great joy to us!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Busy busy October

...and I had closed the month of October with only 2 posts...

I'm happy as it's end of the year already. We had enjoyed a tremendous week with the visit of my family last week. All went well and we hoped the holiday would never end.

Post holiday, we had just sent back another helper this afternoon. The search of a new helper goes on... Oh, how we miss Nana...

Lastly, Bosco boy had chicken pox since yesterday. He is a little demanding today. I hope the outbreak will come down in no time. On the other hand, I'm feeling a little thankful that he has it at such early age. The younger the better, as the folks say...

Hopefully will get to flood the blog with some updates soon...

Good night all!