Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm A Happy Woman!

The second time I worked past midnight in this week, and darn, the coffee I had after dinner kept me awake at this hour.

I spent the last 20 minutes writing thank you email to the team, and I must pen down my thoughts further here.

This last week of 2011 has been a really satisfying week at work. Working closely with the editors to meeting 2 packages of MOE submissions, felt really good! The thankful gazes and smiles from them were simply genuine.

And then, there was another tender job which got LZ and I worked hand-in-hand for the first time. As weird as it sounds, being colleagues with her for so many years but this is actually our first 'partnership' project. And hey, the chemistry was good! Hope the final product would secure the tender!

Anyway,... last year, I hoped for a successful team building in 2011. I actually failed terribly in the first half of the year. Those were the most stressful time in my working life – I lost weight, I had shingles, stomach flus.. yikes!!

I am a really lucky woman who always have the love from my family to pull through the tough period. By starting all over again, I gained my colleagues' trust, friendship and supports like never before. I enjoyed the special bonding with my teammates, my coordinators, my interns, my freelancers and my editors.

I'm happy cos of the tough job I have, I learn to appreciate the people around me even more.

I'm happy cos I have the most understanding and loving husband who woken me up to reality and made me faced and solved my own problems! Thank you for never giving up on me, dear!

I'm happy I have in-laws who always offer extra help and take good care of the kids.

I'm happy and very very proud of my 2 kids!

I'm happy I made more friends than before.

I'm happy I have friends who are always there for me, be it a simple rant, moral boost, or a playdate!

Overall, 2011 has been a challenging yet fruitful year for me. I hope it has been a good and memorable one for you too!

Here's wishing everybody a better and brighter year 2012!


Monday, December 26, 2011

A Long Christmas Week

About half of my long Christmas weekend was spent working this year. I see my colleagues more than my family. Luckily I managed to attend the yearly Xmas gathering organized by Rachel. It was a good time out!

This hectic schedule will go on for another 2 weeks at least. I hope for the best of health and a strong mind to complete the cycle.

And I'm already looking forward to CNY break... Or maybe my birthday week...

Jia you!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

女儿 vs 儿子

Andy went on a business trip after a long hiatus since April. This was what happened last night when I was accompanying the kids to sleep.

Chloe crying loudly: "我很想爸爸。。哇。。哇。。哇。。我们是 family!! 哇。。"

On the other side of the bed, Bosco was mimicking the hand sign of 'no-more' and asked me repeatedly, "爸爸? 爸爸?"

Then he went, "爸爸。。买。。Cars 2!!"


See the difference??

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Active at Work

Startin' to feel the wave coming,
This ain't gonna be easy,
Meetings, Deadlines and Submissions,
One after another...

Punching in my 101%
And I believe the results will be fruitful!!!

Catch up soon :)

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chloe's 4th Birthday

Some flashbacks on the celebrations for Chloe's 4th Birthday last month. On the other note, Chloe has gotten the chicken pox from Bosco too. May they recover fast and leave no scar :)

14.10.2011| Celebration at School
Just got outta afternoon nap Chloe, posing happily with her Stitch cake. She had this love at the first sight with Stitch and currently still on her top favourite list.

We (the 2 sis-in-laws, Chloe and Bosco) arrived at her childcare slightly after 3pm. Chloe's classmates were all expecting her (cake and goodie bags) already.

Bosco added on, "Make it fast, jie! We still need to meet Papa for dinner!"

Birthday song was sung, wishes were made, candles were blown and the cake was cut!

That's Chloe + classmates and Teacher Jermaine. (Chloe moved from Little Footprints to Sparkletots since April and had been the only girl in the N2 class ever since.)

Then I brought the kids to take the public transports to meet Papa for dinner. Bosco expressed that he loved the bus more than the train and vice versa for Chloe.

Dinner at Cocina de Pasion. Yumz Spanish meal..

15.10.2011| Feasting Saturday
Lunch with the family at Yummy Claypot and Dinner with the Gohs at Ichiban Sushi@AMK Hub *burp* topped with Gong Cha thereafter.

16.10.2011| Actual Day Celebration
Highlight of the day – Big Hello Kitty cake for the birthday girl

Sweet cake from Pine Garden

My Happy Darling!

Happy Family!

Love everyone's smile in this photo!

And yes, Ning Xuan visited with a huge surprise gift again! Thank you!!

Lunch was birthday noodle prepared by mum-in-law and Dinner was at Mellben@Toa Payoh with the family... *my pants were really giving way already*

Last but not least, huge big thanks to all who have made this day special – your greetings and well wishes had brought great joy to us!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Busy busy October

...and I had closed the month of October with only 2 posts...

I'm happy as it's end of the year already. We had enjoyed a tremendous week with the visit of my family last week. All went well and we hoped the holiday would never end.

Post holiday, we had just sent back another helper this afternoon. The search of a new helper goes on... Oh, how we miss Nana...

Lastly, Bosco boy had chicken pox since yesterday. He is a little demanding today. I hope the outbreak will come down in no time. On the other hand, I'm feeling a little thankful that he has it at such early age. The younger the better, as the folks say...

Hopefully will get to flood the blog with some updates soon...

Good night all!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chloe Turns 4!!

After a few months' anticipation, Chloe's birthday is finally here!

The best present from us, would probably be this long overdue photobook printed and delivered last month!

And yes, she has changed a lot from that drooling, hair-can't-seem-to-grow-long baby to a little girl who asks 10,000 whys but still melts your heart in so many ways!

The daddy's girl...

The brother's super idol...

Now I'd like to say,
Thank you for bringing love and joy to Papa and Mama!

Thank you for helping Mama to take care of your little brother...

We love you loads, darling Chloe!
Happy Birthday, stay happy and healthy always! :)

Muacks! Muacks!

Birthday Flashbacks:
Chloe's 3rd Birthday |
Chloe's 2nd Birthday | Chloe's 1st Birthday

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Revisiting 槟城 and 极乐寺

Cruise Day 2 | 19.09.2011

Charging ourselves with power breakfast for a day trip at Penang!

Posing at the lobby, while waiting to get off the ship..

We got down to Penang at around 12:30pm, being picked up by our trustworthy taxi driver soon after at Penang Port. What's the one place that we have always planned to revisit in Penang? 极乐寺, of course.

Humid + drizzling weather explains Andy's expression in this photo!

The children love every moment at 极乐寺 though..

We covered the place well this time by walking climbing a lot of stairs, praying at different altars, making donations and well-wishes..

Donations for temple building – we did the exact same donations 4 years back!

Taking the inclined lift to the Guan Yin Statue

Read more about 极乐寺 here.

ABCD posing with our own 生肖..

Bosco said, "Mouse, Mouse, Mouse" and insisted to take a pic with Minnie Mouse.

My 2 cheeky baobeis...

Other stuff that we did were buying some local delicacies, getting a new luggage to replace our spoilt one, trying out the best char kway teow in Penang, and a short shopping break at Gurney Plaza..

Lastly, our final itinerary at Penang was food hunting at Gurney Drive.

Most of the food stalls were just starting to prepare their food at 5pm++. What we managed to try were another plate of char kway teow, a really authentic mua chee, and a unique sotong kangkong (nom, nom, nom...)

Back to the cruise at around 6pm++
I think we had barbeque dinner that night on the cruise. The kids then dozed off pretty early too, which allowed Andy and I to try out our lucks at the casino..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Easy First Night

Cruise Day 1 | 18.09.2011 PM

The cruise started off soon after the kids slept, around 4:30pm

Best time to sneak out with the husband to get some quick bites at The Blue Lagoon. And man, this kampong fried wings were really tasty!!


And more..

Later when Chloe woke up, she went to the pool with Papa and Bosco stayed in with me as he was having slight fever. Quick washing up following up, so that we could zoom out to have our dinner at the Pavillion. However, it was fully booked so we had to dine Chinese cuisine at Bella Vista.

Pairing up, so each one takes care of one kid

The food was quite a let down on that night...

It was an early night for the kids after Bosco poo-ed and smell real bad! Haa!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Go Onboard!

Cruise Day 1 | 18.09.2011

We reached and checked-in early at Harbourfront Centre before 11am. Brought the kids to see the cruise model and have an idea where we're going to stay for the next few days..

"Papa!! I wanna go to the swimming pool!!"

Roamed around Vivo City too, Bosco posing with McQueen at ToysRus

Then we showed the kids the real cruise, which Chloe went "Wah...!!"

We were the first on the priority balcony queue. Little girl getting restless...

Finally on board around 12:31am, balloons really cheered them up!

Photo taken by the crew member

March.. march.. march..
Trying to find our room only to know that it's still being cleaned up

So we hung around the Deck 12 – waiting for food at the Mediterranean Buffet Restaurant

Little exercising after our lunch..

The kids' battery seem to be low by now...

So, we got in our room finally, for the kids' afternoon nap...

The balcony deck was certainly worthwhile...

That's all for now.. Be back later folks!