Wednesday, February 14, 2007

B-day vs V-day

I used to think celebrating birthday on valentine's day was such a cool thing!
I was wrong when it comes to choosing a restaurant to dine-in. Getting a present and buying a flower!

Now that i'm officially 25 yrs old. Heard ppl tend to be more mature and more realistic when they grow older.
I'm not sure if more mature applies to me. But more realistic is indeed right! :)

Forget about the commercialized V-day.. I shall just enjoy myself on my B-day!
My mom-in-law woke up early this morning to prepare Birthday *Lucky* Eggs for me.. *so touching*
I got the whole family members singing birthday song for me! *Yeah!*

After all the effort they've put in, I guess I'll try to be more mature this year on :)

And oh, by the way. I'm enjoying V-day every other day :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Heavenly Mushroom

Ok i never done any food review. But this one is worth recommending.
Mushroom Garden at Serangoon Garden. What first caught my attention was the nicely design interior. very zen. very soothing. very rejunevating.
I was then further impressed by all the aesthetic details they take care of. All the cutlery and the servings.

The mushroom sets are divided into 3 classes : economic, business and VIP (no kidding! that's the name they gave!)
Each set consists of starter (mushroom colddish to be dipped with wasabe, and mushroom floss!), famous Ba Bao Cha (Eight Fortune Tea), mushroom hot pot, steamed rice and desserts.

Though it's more pricely compared to the Mushroom Pot (The business set we ordered was at S$36.80++ per pax), the overall experience was certainly worth it!
Savour your appetite with all kind of mushrooms u never tried or even seen! And all including the vege and meats were imported from Taiwan.. (fresshhh..)