Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bosco's 4th Birthday | 18.08.2013

A long overdue post. I have been ignoring this blog for too long, I really feel the guilt!

So today I try meddling the photos with the photo apps available from the phone, and really hope that these would turn out alright!

A little snippets back to Bosco's 4th Birthday — a little celebration at school 2 days earlier, and cake cutting at home on his actual birthday.

We had a family lunch with his grandparents + aunts + cousin too but no pictures on that. Note to self: just snap some pictures, we could decide later if they are presentable enough ;)

So, here we go :)

Bosco had sudden crush with the Transformers this year, that explained for the choice of cakes.

Chloe Jie Jie helped to warm him up more.

Those priceless moments :)

Posing with his classmates with Chloe accompanying.

Happy with his matching Transformers tee Papa got from USS, even sobbed when asked to take it off for shower later in the evening.

Then a happy soul again after checking the Bumblebee cake out!

The togetherness we shared :)

May you continue to be showered with love, health and happiness in your growing up journey, Bosco! 

Love always, 
from Papa, Mama and Jie Jie!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

当我们在一起 | June 2013

This set was taken when the family members came visiting from Medan during June school holiday. To have the cousins played with, the kids truly enjoyed themselves. Though we had crazy haze during that period, luckily it went away upon our checking-in to MBS. For photos at MBS, do click here.

Other than that, these are my favourite takes...

Outside the queue of Ichiban Sushi, Jem, Jurong Point

Hazy MBS taken at Merlion Park

That candid look!

"Mama, I want you!"


Bang! Bang!


The finale: group photo!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Clown

How this conversation took place, after completing make-up in the car, otw to an outing.

Me: "Chloe, how do I look?"

Chloe: "Hm.. O...k..."

Me think: "of cos la" and *roll eyes*

Chloe: ".. but, Mama, I think your lip colour is too red!"

Me busy checking out myself on the mirror again.

Chloe: "That will make you look like a clown leh!"

Me: *o.m.g... A Clown!! and quickly dabbing the lipstick away*

Chloe: "Now, you look beautiful!!"

Me: *relief with huge abish*

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Visiting Kai Kai and Jia Jia at River Safari

After a long long wait, we finally got to see Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the giant pandas at River Safari last month.

Adding the 'oomph' to our outing with our Real Madrid family jerseys.
Kids were simply too excited.

Chloe took all opportunities to take photos even with only a poster/backdrop.

Bosco on the other hand, was rather reserved and choosy on what's he posing with.
You'll see what I mean soon...

Yee.. Ha... Yarr.....
Kungfu Pandas turn Ultraman turn Power Rangers (?!?!?!)

Yay... finally inside their cosy and cooling house..
That's Kai Kai sleeping really comfortably..

Unlike Kai Kai who is more outgoing, Jia Jia is shy and prefers to stay at her den.
We couldn't see Jia Jia even with the CCTV live feed from her den.
That explains the sad faces on both kids.

A quick shopping at the Panda souvenir shop certainly helped to liven up their mood.
And I just couldn't get enough of this cute artworks of Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Staying on a little while to take photos with the fishes.

Now this was another good photo spot which Bosco strongly went against.

Poor boy was actually too overwhelmed and intimidated by the huge posters /  fishes.

With the grouchy boy and the super melting hot weather, we had no choice but to give up the rest of the zoo excursion.

Just before we drove out of the carpark, this little voice came,
"Can we come and see Kai Kai and Jia Jia again, puh...leasee....??"

. . . *errmm* ...

Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY: Easter Bunny Container

This, our first DIY for Chloe's school project. Still remember I gave up on the socks puppet last year due to lack of resources...

So with much reminders from Chloe, we finally completed the bunny container on this good friday weekend. Yay, Chloe can show and tell using this piece of art next Monday!

Colouring on the template provided by her school

What was Bosco doing when we were busy cutting and pasting??

The finished Easter Bunny Container

Our IG moment

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy CNY 2013!

Been having some withdrawal syndrome with the social apps and blog for a while.. Today I picked the best photo, gave it a little customization, and finally pressed the upload button.

So, how's your 2013 been?

How's the Snake year been so far?

It's been really 'wet' start to this lunar new year.
Here's wishing for the best of health, happiness and prosperity in this new year.

That's us, taken yesterday, on my 31st birthday (I think it might be a good idea to stop counting the age from now on T.T)


Monday, January 14, 2013

A Brand New 2013

It was a good start to the new year. Following Chloe's schooling journey, little Bosco is such a good boy entering the class with no fuss. I'm really a lucky mama!

Chloe's first enrichment course went well too as she really enjoys herself every Sunday. What I always told the children when I dropped them at school was, "Enjoy yourselves!" So they took our advices well :)

Nearby short trip with Andy was a fruitful one as well. I'm not sure for him, but I certainly gathered and rekindled some dating moments.
2 weeks into 2013, I here wish everyone of us to be in the pink of health, happy true self, every quality day spent with the loved ones, and doing the things we love.

Let the good things blossom.
Spread the love!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

School Time for Bosco

B: "Mama, there's big and small in my school."

D: "You mean, you were taught Big and Small at school today?"

B: "Yes! Big and Small!"

D: "So, is Mama big or small?"

B: "Mama big, I am small."

C: "No, Papa big, Mama medium!"