Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Faces within seconds

"air-air-air ....... ooh?? ....... hehehe"

Sitting Up Part II

Though it's not an upright sitting position, yet I'm very happy to see her progress to be able to support herself for a longer time now...

See her sitting attempt a week ago here.

Informal Greetings

~~Hand shake my dear, not foot shake!!

Big Hair

"Someday.. I'm going to have big hair like this!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love warehouse sales!

It's fun grabbing (sales-item-shopping) today during lunch hour. Skipped the lunch to visit these 2 warehouse sales.

First stop, FOX warehouse sale. Lots of stuff there but it was so crowded. It's literally grabbing at every corner. The queue was too long, luckily met Eunice and tumpang her queue hehe. Purchased a sweater, a fleece blanket and a 2-pc clothes for Chloe. It wasn't that cheap, but it's considered good buy. I was more delighted to catch up with Eunice and Carol, and of course to see baby ziqian :)

Damage cost: $20

Second stop, ELLE, Guy Laroche etc warehouse sale right here at ulu Upp Paya Lebar. I thought it wasn't worth visiting. But after seeing what my colleagues purchased, i decided to sneak out at 2pm. Ended up spent more here on 1 leather handbag and 1 short-sleeved shirt for the husband.

Damage cost: $55

Nice, everyone got something tonight! :)

Just for laugh

Ooh... I can't handle 2 kids at the same time!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Frozen cubes

This is my 'default' ice cube tray used to freeze Chloe's puree. Haven't got time to find one with lid. That's her sweet potato puree done yesterday.

Growth and Sizes

"Wow! Your baby is big!"

That's the comment i often receive after i reveal Chloe's weight. I have to admit it's really taxing to carry her now. My sore muscles, aching waist and back.. Ouch!

I think she takes in our genes well. I wouldn't think i overfeed her. This is her routine feeding when she's with me during weekends:

  • 8/9am - 180ml milk
  • 11/12pm - 2 FM scoop cereal + 2 frozen puree cubes (my cubes are smaller, will post later)
  • 3/4pm - 180ml milk
  • 6/7pm - 2 FM scoop cereal + 2 frozen puree cubes
  • 8/9pm (before bed) - 180ml milk, sometimes she fell asleep before finishing it
  • midnite feed - 180ml milk
Do you think i overfeed her?

By the way, above was Chloe's feet (right) compared to Valencia's (left). Chloe is 1 day older than Valencia.


Chloe n Valencia: Girls-get-together

Both Chloe and Valencia were excited to see each other again. They had nice girl talks and lots of fun together :)

Val: "Chloe, why does your hair grow so slow??"

Chloe: "Not now, I'm trying to focus to the camera!"

: "OK girls! Let's pose nicely for us!"

Parents in the house! Hoo ray!!

Yup yup. My dad and mum are coming this Wednesday to visit us! so happy! happy! happy!

It's a happy monday! :)


Yesterday nite i witnessed Chloe turning from tummy to her back, twice. *happy* and *panic* cos i left her on the bed while i rushed out to get her wet tissues. Gotta prep more pillows and bolsters to guard her from now on..

Also i noticed since saturday that she can sit and hold longer now.. *happy*

And, and.. dunno if my vision was right, when i checked her lower gums from top view, i saw two whitish translucent pearlish, whatever u call it, beneath her gums :)


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brainy Scrambles

I left out this brainy scrambled eggs done by hubby on saturday morning.

Though it wasn't well-presented, but it was the yummies out of all the dishes done on Saturday. Yumz!

Cooking, cooking, it has become my new hobby!!

Newborn to toddler rocker

At last, after many rounds of 'considering, researching, wanting-to-buy' cycles, we bought Chloe this rocker at a toy sale. $40 cheaper is a good deal.

Chloe was giving papa the pressure to set it up ASAP

With parents like us, Chloe has to learn that good things are worth the wait...

I think she has!

The fish, the chicken and the brocolli

It was another cooking day on Saturday. But this time round, i think it's a bit disappointing.. 'cept for the fish!

The herbal chicken soup was not cooked long enough, not THAT sweet! Maybe i should stick to pork ribs instead of chicken.

The brocolli was also not cooked long enough, hard to chew, hence not an enjoyable makan experience!

See, even the steamed brocolli for Chloe was a failure.. couldn't be pureed! :(

Cmd + T

This is just like the command i often use in Photoshop: Free transform, and rotate the image like nobody else's business.

So this is how she jumped out from the aquarium the other day..

Scratch on her face

One tiny scratch on her nose is enough to make me feel heartpain.

Baby, please be more gentle on yourself...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I contemplated for so long whether or not to upload this video online. But knowing that Chloe is still amused whenever i replay this for her, i decided to 'let go' of my image and share the video with you.

Chloe: S-TOP-TOP-TOP from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

Blah.. if u know what i mean... i sound like a xiao zha bo in the video..

She knows it's weekend too!

Sshh... She's sleeping...

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Food: Carrot!!

Rice Cereal and Apple Puree

Ingredients: 1/5 steamed apple and 2 FM scoop Heinz rice cereal

Reaction #1: Baby stares hard!

Reaction #2: Baby grabbing for food!

3rd Hepatitis B Vaccine

Chloe had her 3rd Hepatitis B Vaccine this morning.

Her weight is now 8.25 kg (97 percentile) and her height is 66 cm (50 percentile). Head circumference is 44 cm (50 percentile).

Nurse concluded she is the CHUBBY one.

As before, Chloe fussed a while when the needle was poked to her (left) thigh, and was calmed within seconds when i carry her up in standing position.

But she cried when the nurse carried her to weigh and measure her height. She reacts a lot to stranger!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Battle before sleep

It's been difficult to soothe Chloe to sleep recently. She used to love being rocked and falling asleep in the sling, but now she loves to settle on her own on the bed.. I'm not sure if it's really a good thing for me, cos...

She would be happily playing at one moment.

Then she could turn really quiet and moody. She'll start yawning, scratching her head, rubbing her eyes...

And cry out loud, plus violently tossing and turning, eyes-rubbing, head-scratching..

Yet she refuses my offer to carry her. She would scream even louder if i do so. What I do is holding her struggling hands to prevent her from hurting herself.

Until she can finally sleep soundly like this...

It is a 10-15mins battle if i'm lucky enough. And when I'm not, which most of the times are, it takes up to an hour for her to fall asleep..


sweaty and spiky 4-cm-long hair

Lookalike Part III

Does Chloe look more like me now?
Or still looking a lot like Papa??
Err.. I think i already got the answer....


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The mother couldn't resist the clearance sale at mothercare last weekend. As if it was shouting, "50% off!! Buy me! Buy me!"

She was thinking hard and, "Yeah! My baby needs a new set of sleeping wear as she has outgrown hers." The next second she was already busy hunting among the sleeping suit packs for one that fit her baby girl. As far as she could find, it was only 12-18 and 18-24 left.

So this is her baby Chloe, wearing the oversized 12-18mths sleeping suit.

She bought one pack of 12-18 and another pack of 18-24, by the way...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sitting Up

I have been diligently putting Chloe in sitting position hoping that she could sit on her own soon!


She still falls to her side! :P

Chloe and her aquarium

She could never stay inside her aquarium gym for long. Due to poor installation before, yeah all thanks to the blur mum, she always kicked away the gym and it would all collapse on her.

Now, that I have installed properly for her.. she still find all ways to escape out of the gym.

Just today, she did this behind my back, as i was blogging away... :P

I wonder how did she do it??