Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bye Bye, Nana!

Andy posted this on his facebook a while ago..

Like the saying goes, 世界上没有不散的宴席... Our good helper, Nana, has to bid goodbye to us tomorrow after staying with us for 1.5 years. I remember vividly that her first day was 01.03.2010, on Andy's 31st birthday. The kids were close to her soon after..

She's not perfect, but she's definitely the best that we've ever got. I relied a lot on her for the house chores. She practically had to 'handover' her duties to me these couple of days.

Chloe said she would miss her very much. And that she won't like the 'new' Nana jiejie, cos she won't have long hair like this Nana jiejie.... -_-

Probably Chloe's hinting that nobody would help to tie fanciful hairstyles for her anymore..

I knew Bosco would miss her heaps too as someone who can depicts what he wants.

We had to capture this moment down for future memory.

Must really say thank you for being such a reliable helper and friend. You will be missed!
All the best, Nana!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red and Lilac | A Warm Saturday

It took me a while to think of a suitable title for this post. That Saturday, 30.07.2011, the Gohs and Lims dated out again to Science Centre with the complimentary tickets from RZ.

However, the title 'Great Outing at Science Centre' wasn't really suitable as we didn't enjoy the exhibitions on that day. It was extremely crowded with various group of visitors. Majority of them were tourists and a huge group of Primary school kids from China. My good impression of Science Centre since the last visit just seem so overrated. And the waterworks near the entrance has also become a free water play for the kids living in the vicinity. Tsk, tsk...

So, the perks of the day?
A good chilling corner at McDonald's, and a lovely set captured for memories.
I love the red and lilac combination from the photos...

Bosco has a big boy look here

Junior Lim and Papa Lim

My current 'profile photo' and 'wallpaper' :)

Chloe's skin is glowing in this dress!

宝贝 Chloe

宝贝 Bosco

Playin' choo-choo train with Ning Xuan

Note to self: To visit Science Centre on a weekday morning for future visits!

Monday, August 22, 2011

From Science Festival to Marina Barrage

Last month, we dated the Gohs for a day out to Science Festival at Suntec City (to support Ms RZ at work!) The exhibition wasn't as crowded as expected. Some of the booths presented really good information for us, eg. the cheeseburger facts. And working our brains to complete the mission were pretty fun too – though we thought the pressie could be more attractive hehehe

This is Scientist Lim busy with his findings...

Accompanying the kids for children activities

Painting a leaf to make a bookmark

Taking a break at toys section@carrefour, aren't they lovely??

My Bosco 吊起来卖...

Finally made it to Marina Barrage, after a few unsuccessful trips

At the Sustainable Singapore Gallery, pretty cool stuff!

We love to pose too!

Our main reason to visit – catching the fireworks from the NDP rehearsal

Last 2 shots before leaving the barrage

The beautiful night ended sweetly with indulgence at Scoopz


Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's A Boy Thing

I was showered with lotsa my favourite toys for my 2nd birthday. I just love everything about cars, vehicles and all sorts of transports! It's a boy thing that no girl would understand!

I'm real cool – with pressies from Kelly jiejie, Auntie Rachel and Auntie Ruizhi

Cool military set (Mama set this up by herself, okie??)

A cool gun to go along with, thanks to 大姑妈! *bangbang*

二姑妈 knows my love for TAXI!

Chugginton Aqua Doodle from Xuan Xuan
See the cute figures drawn by Chloe jiejie??

Lastly, the Car City that Papa invested for me (work-in-progress)

Thank you all aunties and uncles for your lubely birthday wishes!
Lube you all!!
– Bosco :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Always Be My Baby

This special day has been a meaningful one for the birthday boy, Bosco, and the rest of the family. It has been a while where all the family members took leave at the same time to spend some time together... (except for me who got 1 week MC, grounded at home for shingles – will post on this later)

Snippets of the day.. 18.08.2011

Another comparison shot – the same love for Mama's meaty shoulder

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bosco!

Bosco with his 2 favourite lovely women in the world hehehe

My pick of the day!

Michief yet doting jiejie...

Ning Xuan and parents came to surprise us with a 'B' cake!!

We were really touched by this, thanks again!

Lastly, be good, Bosco boy!

Lotsa love from Papa, Mama and JieJie...

My Bosco Turns 2!!

Happy Birthday, Bosco Boy!!

Love and Kisses,
Papa, Mama and Jie Jie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ning Xuan's Birthday | 16.07.2011

It's Ning Xuan's 2nd birthday exactly one month ago. Chloe and Bosco have been hanging out a lot with Xuan lately. Super adorable hot babe! :D

We were delighted to spend her actual birthday together, so we spent a good day relaxing at our home after lunch.

Xuan with her birthday present, especially picked by Chloe

The kids pretending to serve the cake for the adults

"I must get into good books of Xuan's mummy!" thought Bosco

haha, well done boy!!

We cut Xuan's birthday cake before heading out for dinner

The trio – Xuan, Chloe and Bosco

Best Friend Forever – Xuan and Chloe

The night ended after our super yumz claypot porridge dinner...

Sweet Little Thoughts

Little sweet thoughts go a long way...

Thank you!!!

*wink wink*