Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kuantan 4-6 Nov: Sand Play

The kids geared up to go to the beach

And equipped with a lot of tools~

And I'm missing sand play as I'm composing this...

So glad to see Bosco could self-entertain too!

How cute!

"Ok Mama, I've had enough! Get me outta here please~~~"

"I mean NOW. Why are you still taking my photos?"

Chilling out by the pool after sand play (and the pool was empty!)

Bosco was tired! Parents' mission accomplished! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kuantan 4-6 Nov: Quiet Beach

After filling our hungry tummies at the hotel restaurant, it's time to charge our souls too at the beach.

Walking from the restaurant, we past the quiet pool, before reaching the quiet beach too. We almost thought we have booked the wrong resort with low popularity. Only til the last day stay, we learnt to appreciate that quiet is tranquil. That we were smart to reach 1 day before the public holiday, to beat the crowd.

So this was first visit to the beach, Day 1:

Happy kids



Close-up bubbly

Happy family

Super happy families

Happy parents

See, we got the whole beach to our own

Behind the scene: mummy convincing son to pose for the camera. hehe

Next on: sandplay~

Boy In Deep Thought...

At 14 months, he started to call 'Papa'.

This morning (4 days to 15 months), he called me 'Mama'.

And he is showing signs to walk without assistance soon...

We really couldn't wait~~

Now enough of the deep thought, and please take off soon, Son!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kuantan 4-6 Nov: Driving Up

We spent 5.5 hour driving up north to Kuantan, Malaysia with the Yips on 4 Nov. With little help of our cheap GPS and great amount of checking out the print out of Google Maps, we reached Swiss Garden Resort at around 1pm.

The trip was almost canceled due to Chloe's gastric flu the night before, which she vomitted whatever she took in. Thankfully her condition was soon under control after seeing the pd at 9pm. Not wanting to disappoint the kids and the Yips, we went ahead with the trip by packing lots of medicine on standby.

Good thing Chloe recovered fast. What we faced during the trip was a very hungry 3-year-old who kept asking for a lot of food. Her appetite turned so good but Andy and I were afraid that we would overfeed her. So, a grouchy girl she became. Apart from that, the trip was a good and exciting experience us.

I don't know which part of Malaysia would Andy like to go next year. Hmmm...

End note: The coastal road up to Kuantan was a better driving experience than the North-South-Highway with less traffic and a more sceneric journey. Best part, it's toll-free! And I actually prefer this cos the husband seem to drive at a slower speed. Hiak Hiak Hiak!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Playdates And More...

I remember when I was a kid, my only playmates would be my 2 elder brothers. We played with the cars, action figures and some karate acts during our free time. That should explain why I'm not into barbie, hello kitty or other girlie flowery stuff.

And 20 over years forward, as a Mother of 2, I'm glad my kids are blessed with wonderful friends to play with.

The 3 year olds
Chloe meets Jayden at least once a week. They eat, play, sing, watch TV, sleep and show affection towards each other occasionally. And (yes!) they're going for holiday together tomorrow.

Toddlers Gang
En Jie and Ning Xuan are the most often seen playdates with Bosco (and Chloe too). Although not interacting much yet, but their babies-talk and mimicking stunts are just too cute. Plus, Chloe often learns to be a good jie jie in front of these toddlers, e.g. sharing toys and foods, kissing and hugging them non-stop!

Age Is Not A Problem
Seen here are bigger playmates like the 8yo Aloysius, cooking with Bosco

Making new friends with 10yo Joey and 7yo Shermaine

11yo Curtinis, 7yo Issac, 4yo Donovan playing pretend as classmates

Last but not least, their most friendly friend - Uncle Tan!

Rock and Roll

Finally, the long awaited break is here!!!