Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our Journey on Vimeo!! Yepee!

Our Journey from Dewi Prima and Vimeo.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I bumped into Michelle Chia!!

Very rare chance that hubby and I would go down Orchard to shop. We went down to Ngee Ann City (Taka) today to visit its Baby fair.

First stop after reaching was, of course, going to the loo (mind the pregnant lady!)

Second stop was buying some finger food at its market (for the cravings!)

That's when I bumped into Michelle Chia, spotted queuing behind me buying for the same kueh kueh :) I was so excited to see her 'live' in front of me! I think she's the first female local artiste that I admired since I came Singapore. Probably would be the only one that I'd go up to for taking a shot together.. haha

I regretted I didn't leave the house with some make up today.. and also my contact lens! Argh...

As for the baby fair, we checked out a couple of baby stuff but purchased nothing in the end due to its crazy long queu.. Might go again one of this weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Well at least our trip to town resulted in something :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Power of Dream(z)

Over the last weekend (05.08.07), we made two biggest purchases in our lives.

A dream house and a dream car..

After a few failed attempts in purchasing a HDB flat, finally we found this 5-room flat we like just opposite our parent's house. With housing prices soaring so high lately, this is considered by far the most reasonable one. Good thing it falls under the price range of Median Resale Prices by HDB. At least we know our heads are not chopped due to this housing estate bubbles :)

Located at just across the street from our parents' house, it guarantees future convenience in getting babysitting help to our baby. The only setback about this new flat is that it's only on the 2nd level.. but lucky enough we're also currently staying on the 2nd floor... at least not so much of a 'downgrade'.

The first appointment of the resale transaction is scheduled sometime in October. And we're hoping that the whole procedure will be accomplished by November. And looking forward to move in early next year :) Argh... so relieved that we can finally have our own place where we can call HOME...

As for the dream car, we're upgrading to a 7-seater MPV.. It is to accommodate increasing family members (our baby Chloe). The new ride is scheduled to arrive end of this week.. Some thing to look forward to over these boring weekdays.. *__*

Hubby gave me the privilege to choose for the colour of the car, the combination of the leather seats, and also the new wheel rims to go along with... Ha.. i hope all turn out to be fine.. perfectly fine..

More activities done in this month can be viewed here. Have a great week ahead everyone!

Chloe at Week 28

A little update on my little one...
Check up last week measured that she's weighing at 1.1 kg, and her head has engaged (turned down)..That explains why i feel more pressure and weight recently..

Gynae couldn't scan on her facial features due to her position.. no ultrasound photos to upload this week..

And i have gained another 2 kg, total of 14 kg pregnancy weight gain so far..

Geez.. don't ask how heavy i am now, or how heavy i weighed pre-pregnancy


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bodhi Tree@Jin Long Si

Hubby came across about this Singapore's oldest Bodhi Tree at Jin Long Si temple in some forum 2 weeks back. So we decided to go down and witness it ourselves that weekend. We were fascinated! We visited the temple again last week, we even brought friends along :)

Jin Long Si temple (a village-like temple that doesn't look anything like the modern temples in Singapore; it has the unique kampung atmosphere and a place of community spirit) and the 120 years old Bodhi Tree.

What makes this Bodhi tree unique is that you are able to see some (spiritual) images in its trunk. Here we pointed out a few:

An adult elephant, plus another baby elephant if you can see...

An opened left arm stretched downwards...
Hubby and I feel it's a pity that the authorities are taking over the land in the name of progress. They claimed that the land is needed for MRT circle line. The Millenia institute next to the temple has already been torn down. We helped signed the petition to save both the temple and the tree during the trip. If you have the chance, do pay a visit and see it for yourself why this place should be preserved.

Read more about Jin Long Si temple and its Bodhi Tree here and here.

End Note. We saw this rooster while we headed back. Hubby insisted me to snap a photo. Yes, it's such a rare view in Singapore...