Friday, August 31, 2012

Wall of A–Z and More Arts

With much persuasion, Chloe finally completed these alphabets on the wall!

A very tall me and Andy! (drawn in July)

Love the rainbow touch for the Disney Princess.
Chloe won the first prize for this mini competition at Andy's company family day.

A shorter frame of human drawings now (drawn in August)

I made the request for Chloe to draw 'shorter' people, and now I really miss the lean, tall human drawings :/

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bosco's 3rd Birthday

Snippets on our mini home-celebration for Bosco's 3rd Birthday | 18.08.2012

Birthday boy 破鸡蛋 and posing...

Helpful Chloe to offer photography service to cover the day event :)

A very suave take by Chloe ♥

Geared up in new red top, for the love of mcqueen

Finger foods with potato salad (forgotten to take a shot of the salad!)

Sweet couple guests :)

Happy 3rd Birthday Bosco!!

A shy wedding birthday cake cutting session...

The nom nom happy long weekend happened just too fast. And in a blink of eye, we're welcoming September already. Shall then look forward to Chloe's 5th Birthday in October  :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Name Game

Me: "Bosco, would you want a didi or a meimei?"

Bosco: "didi!"

Me: "Ok, what shall we name him if you had a didi?"

Bosco: "hmm..."

Chloe: "Bryan!"

Me: "Why B? No more B! We already have a B in the family."

Chloe: "Ok, is it time for E now?"

Me: "Right! E! If you had a sibling, we should start from the letter E."

Chloe thinking hard...

Me: "So, what should we name him?"

Chloe: 'Elephant!"



end note: no speculation please, that is purely asking the kids for fun  :D

Friday, August 17, 2012

Turning Three!

Bosco has an announcement to make..
*drum rolls*
"Wait a minute, that's not 'three'..."

"Ok, this looks more like 'THREE'."
"I'd promised Mama to catch up fast on my speech,
and to Papa to be a good good boy!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Love and Togetherness in May

a cuppa at  Java+ Marriott Hotel

mother's day lunch at Din Dai Fung Wisma Atria

special moodle by the husband

sweet tooth at Canele Paragon

window shopping and modelling at Mandarin Gallery

groceries at NTUC Thomson Plaza

crafty love at home

Saturday, August 4, 2012

April Fun in the East

Sigh.. Mama took forever to blog about this April Fun we had in the East!
So here we go... I'd like to share these fun moments we had with you!
Ready for wild wild fun! Posing for the Wild Wild Wet photographers.
Love this! Though I cried a little~~ Can you spot me and Papa behind the water? :)
And the lazy river too!
Thanks to Jayden's mummy, we got to stay at Changi Beach Club for a night.
It was a good catch up with Jayden..
Ball pit for the grown-up toddlers! Still our all-time favourite!
It's Jerome's 1st Birthday at SAF Changi Seaview Resort
Cool party it was. We totally had fun!
Papa bought Popin' Cookin' from Downtown East
when Papa and Mama sneaked out to catch midnight show.
I'd forgive them for this was way too interesting! (See more photos here.)
"Let's have more family bonding and gathering every weekend," said Bosco
Til then...