Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Walk at the Terminal 3

We had 2 different families staying over at our place for the past week. Last week after sending off Jazeline and family, the next day my Uncle and Aunt came over for a 2-night-stay.

We spent a good hour at the Terminal 3 this afternoon before saying goodbye to my Uncle and Aunt. It was our 2nd visit to the T3. First visit was waaaayyyy back in January, I think, when Chloe was still too small to understand anything. Today, she had great fun, despite her wet nose since last night.

Last but not least, a video of her walking at Terminal 3 :)

Chloe's Most Favourite Character...

...has got to be Piglet!

~~Have a great weekend!~~

Friday, November 28, 2008

喂? 喂?

Progress check at 13.5 months:
  • 'Papa' is her most favourite word. She even greets 'Papa Papa' to strangers.
  • 'Mama' should be her least favourite word. I hope it's only temporary.
  • New add-on to her vocabulary is '姐姐' (jiejie/elder sister).
  • 'Bibi' is referring to Baby or other children around her age.
  • Sometimes she called 'didi/jiji' when she sees cat/dog/bird. (Don't ask me why.)

  • She could point to (or pass to us) a lot of things in her surroundings when asked. The fan, TV, playpen, loaf of bread, eggs, phone, socks, coins, piggybank, barney, ball, piglet, milk, water bottle, pacifier, ...
  • The funny sight we witnessed last night was, she pointing to the cane which was hanging on the wall, shortly after her granny scolding her cousin Kelly. Haha..

  • She is walking now. Ah.. this must be the most proud achievement..

  • She weighs 10 kg and her height measures at 74 cm.
  • She has 6 teeth. I think another one or two pair are on their way, cos she drools like tap water again.

  • Her emotions are growing, like crying out loud for little little things (maybe should term it as crocodile tears); don't want to go home with us every night for she gets more pampered at in-law's house. She is the big bully of the house!!
  • Her fears has developed too. Like fears for some furry dark soft toys, I actually caught her trembled for a few times. I hope she grows up to be more brave though..

  • Lots of improvement seen on her social skills, especially towards strangers. Ice are easily broken. She loves touching or pulling kids's clothes (strangers) on the road too! Beware if you see us on the road..
  • Her cheekiness is a masterpiece, like pretending to feed you and moved the food away (or even biting them) after u go closer. Another one is to crawl to her Aunt, and quickly crawled away after she opens wide arm to carry her..
  • Oh, she expresses 'Yummy!好吃! by pointing a No. 1 and cheers happily :)

  • Favourite toy/game is the shooting balls from Playskool, shape sorters, the piggy bank, the remote controls, peek-a-boo.
  • When her music instincts arise, she'll compose a brief jingles on her xylophone. When bored, she will still bite it.. :P
  • Her dance moves has improved! And sometimes she mumbles mumbles with a poor rhyme, which i think she's trying to sing :)

  • She mimics a lot these days. You know the skin care advertisements by Linda 钟嘉欣? She would follow her 'tap-tap-on-the-face' moves, except that Chloe taps her ear..

    Or the latest KFC Christmas TV ad (hand languages) and the stoopid Mediacorp-Ads advertisement where all the characters will swing their heads like the air purifier device? Chloe did that too! Hahaha..

I certainly think baby this age is the cutest!

Seeing Double

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bye, Jaze!

Moments captured before Jaze and family went back to Indonesia...

... Til we meet again :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chloe Walks!

Video was taken yesterday night.
Chloe Walks from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

And shortly after that, Chloe walked from the living room to the kitchen looking for me, saying Ma Ma Ma Ma... *heart melts*

Chloe and Jazeline @ Ngee Ann City

Jaze: "Chloe, we girls shouldn't put up our leg like this!"

Chloe: "What did you say again, Jaze?"

Jaze: "Chloe, lend me your pacifier leh..."

The baby greetings!

It's such a heartwarming sight :)

I got them on video too!

Chloe and Jazeline @ Ngee Ann City from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do You Hear The Bells Ringing?

*~* 30 days to Christmas!! *~*

Monday, November 24, 2008

Height Check

At 13.5 months, Chloe's height is (approximately) 74 cm;
and she weighs (approximately) 10 kg.


Dear Chloe scratched her own eyelid yesterday upon waking up from her nap.

I got even more 心痛 *heartpain* when she cried uncontrollably when she got up for her midnight feed, rubbing her eyes.. Aiyo...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Morning, Jaze!

Chloe is currently enjoying Jaze's company until Monday night.

And both of their mums are busy and t i r e d.

Be Right Back.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kelly's Graduation Ceremony

We had fun attending Kelly's Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony and Concert last night. Kelly is my 6yo niece. Everyone went to support her 'big night'. Even Chloe did.

The over-worried parents (me and hubby) were quite reluctant to bring her along initially. She proved us wrong by dancing, cheering, clapping along with the kids' dances. She must have had the most fun last night.

As for me, I was weeping when I saw the kids queuing up, descending the stairs and making their way up to the stage. Haha. I always get emotional when I see family members or close friends embarking new journeys in their lives.

In my heart, undoubtedly, I was imagining the day when Chloe is graduating from Kindergarten. Haha. Probably I'll cry buckets when the day comes :P

Anyway, some pictures to share:

And a video of a supportive baby audience at the concert :)

Chloe's First Concert from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Floral Friday

* TGIF *

Copycat Hubby

* See the original here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Joy(s)ful Weekend - More Photos

*All photos taken by Joyce from The MKJ Photography. Thanks babe! :*

**What's a Joy(s)ful Weekend?

After Seven

I couldn't remember when was the last time we took Chloe out after work. Yesterday night was such a night. We actually had dinner at in law's place before leaving for IKEA (Tampines).

The brief shopping perked us up a lot. Chloe was so happy to be in the kids' section (read: colourful soft toys).

What hubby and I thought the cutest was this party hat.
This was the birthday cake hat.

It took us some time before deciding on which one to buy.
We bought the fruit platter design in the end :)

Sunday Lunch at Ichiban Boshi



”我警告你喔, 不准再拍我吃东西!“