Saturday, February 18, 2012


Woke up at 2am with cold sweat! I was having a dream and I laid my hand on my right eye and started to rub.

One stroke to the right,..
And half stroke to the left...
Luckily I woke up immediately at that moment..

Phew.. That's so dangerous especially it was written in the 'healing guidelines' that no touching or rubbing the eyes within the first month of the surgery.

Please, no more itchy hands and eyes!

And more peaceful nights please.. I think I have been waking up every midnight since the surgery. Not sure if they are just so coincidence or somehow related.

To flash back on the day, everything zoomed fast like a dream. The most torturing part for me was when the surgeon tried to attach the cornea ring to my eyes to make the eyeball stay put. It took only 1 attempt on the right eye, but 3rd attempt on the left eye. I remembered my eye was tearing like mad during the attaching and de-attaching attempts!

That's the cause of my 'blue back' on my eyes (red circle marks which show more prominently on the left eye). Maybe my eyes were not relaxed enough, maybe my eyes were too small? The surgeon told me these side effects will show up on 'some' of the patients. I was too lucky to be that 'someone'.

The savior of the day, has gotta be the 2 stress balls that the nurse provided once I stepped into the op room. I think that's such a brilliant idea! Told Andy about this, and he didn't recall he was given them when he did his LASIK op in 2008. I clearly see these would serve a great relief for mummies who are on the delivery suites too. Haha! Or maybe the daddies are still the best companion to let mummies grabbed, pulled, scratched, squeezed and screamed at? :p

What do u think?

I hope after penning down all these thoughts, it will help me in better sleeps the following nights...

And sorry, if this post let you have a second thoughts to do your LASIK op. Trust me, the after op is really priceless. Just bear with the discomforts for 10 minutes. And pop in the sleeping pills as instructed once you got home for the first night.

Everything else was just like a dream...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's Valentine's Day and my 30th Birthday today.

And I'm back to the clinic at about the same hour as my last post.

The big difference is, I come here today sans my glasses! Yes, and I feel damn great, except that my eyes are looking damn scary with loads of red patches on the white area.

I've got myself a superb birthday present. A clear vision and hopefully more wisdom as well.

Big 3-0! Here I come!!

Now, time to have some rest while queuing to see the doc :)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Having mixed feelings now while waiting at the LASIK surgery clinic. Tried to go down to shop at Paragon, but the mind just can't stay focused.

So, I ordered a grande caramel macchiato to keep myself calm and warm... Breathe in.. Breathe out...

About 45 more mins to go, and the moment I'd been waiting for is here.. Deep phsyco-ing myself to think of the end results!!