Saturday, September 25, 2010

8 Passengers and An Axio


There were moments of sianness let out from the cars queuing behind our Axio at the JB/Singapore custom checkpoint. That was when we passed 8 passports to the officer-in-charge for clearance.

Andy - (1). Bosco - (2). Chloe - (3). Dewi - (4).
Vincent - (5). Shirley - (6). Ning Xuan - (7).
Nana - (8).

And we felt so damn proud. Haha!

We had superb time trying for the perfect porridge (teow chew or steamboat style). Shopping for lots of whats-not. Holding corny fun conversations. And driving to ulu other side of the town for the cheapest formula milk.

I think we need to do that again soon :)

Some Photos:

Love Bosco hair in neat army cut

Ning Xuan and Chloe

Knocked out baby

Cute Mama and kids

Act cute Papa >.<

The interesting porridge-based steamboat

And the Lims think it beats the teow chew porridge lunch~

Same Ingredients. Different Treats.

At nearly 3 years old, Chloe is still very much a porridge fan. And often, she will question me why did I not cook porridge for her as often as for Bosco. Tell me about jealousy.

So to make both children happy, I have to cook 'similar food' for the two of them during the weekend. And it ain't that bad after all. Just hope that Bosco will grow more teeth soon to enjoy more varieties of food together with Chloe, apart of porridge and meesua soup.

Example of porridge cooking for Chloe and Bosco

Broccoli/Carrot/Egg/Ribs Porridge for Chloe

Double-boiled version for Bosco, minus the egg

And check out that happy face :)

Waiting for the time when I can prepare cute lunch for the kids

Friday, September 24, 2010

Claire Visits | 15.08.10

More Cakes

A slightly less busy weekend. It's time to catch up with past weekends' outings.

We attended Ryan's 2nd birthday party in August. Ryan is exactly 1 year older than Bosco. Lucky boy has a lot of cakes during the party, which Chloe went ga ga over them...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010







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Make A Wish

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mind Blocked

It's been a long hiatus. I'm still alive. The past few weeks were mad rush. It is not going to end for at least another month. I am happy to witness the English launch today at Raffles, although the final books are not published yet.

On my way home, mind feels a little blocked now while doing a blog post. Will be back with some past weekend posts.

Have a good working week, peeps!!

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