Monday, October 22, 2012

SAHM-ing for 2 days

This year, I've got constant reminders from Chloe's teachers to not skip the classes with no valid reason. So I'm really trying my best here. This week, mum-in-law is on vacation, and Andy is out of town for 2 days. Andy dropped me a big hint before he left the house yesterday, "Enjoy your stay-at-home-mum moments for these 2 days okie?"

Task: to carry on the daily routine as per normal. This somehow makes the non-working-day fulfilling. I had not felt so tired for a long while, when staying at home with the children. This sheds a light to me,  I have not been spending enough time with them (!!) And making every second counts and worthwhile is the key. I will keep disciplining myself on this! Trust me baby!

So, here's how today's schedule like:
7:45 — Breakfast with the children
8:15 — Prepared Chloe for her morning school
8:45 — Sent her to school before 9am
10:00 — Out to do groceries with Bosco for today's lunch and dinner

posing at the bus stop

11:00 — Back home to let Nana starts preparing the ingredients
11:15 — Brought Bosco for a hair cut
11:30 — Came home to bathe Bosco

the before and after look

11:45 — Proceeded to cook Pasta with Nana's ready ingredients
12:05 — Went to Chloe's school to fetch her back (and being complained by her that I was late for 5mins!!)
12:10 — Brought Chloe for a hair trim

notice she kept her lips sealed?
that's after i warned her for laughing too much and risked eating her own hair!

12:25 — Came home and bathed Chloe
12:45 — Lunch with the children
13:10 — Nagged the children to have their naps on time
13:30 — Dozed off along with them
14:00 to 17:00
a little me-time for myself, sneaked out to have facial
and ooh la la, must be the most calming and deep sleep I had in months
17:30 — Fetched Chloe from her school (end of afternoon session, thanks to Nana who sent her to school after her nap at 15:00)
18:00 — Bathed the 2 kids at the same time (save time/water/energy and efforts haha)
18:30 — Dinner with the children (Nana warmed up the dinner while I bathed the kids)

kids-friendly pasta with minced meats, sausages, fish balls and canned mushroom

19:30 to 21:30
playtime with the kids, and playtime with my new iPhone 5 :)

yeah i certainly hope so, after ditching my S*tel which keeps sending me caller alerts. to think that i was so amazed by the caller alert service 5 years back. they shouldn't make it too big, really!

finally kids are knocked out
and now I'm trying to pen down all the thoughts today

Certainly a good day spent together. I hope the weather would be better tomorrow, no dark clouds, so that we don't have to rush worrying the heavy downpour might began anytime.

Good night peeps :)
*stretching the body* 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chloe vs Bosco

Recent conversations with Chloe and Bosco...

Chloe, pretty fast learner...
On eating the greens...
Me: "Chloe, can you please eat more vege? They are good for your skin!"
Chloe: "Mama, you have pimples on your face. Why don't you have more?"
Me: *abish myself right on the face*

Bosco, rather impatient boy...
Stuck in a long queue, waiting to see the doctor...
There's this one time at KKH among the noisy multi-cultural crowd.
Bosco: “很吵!!!” shouted while covering his ears and shaking his head.

1 hour++ later, when his name was still not called,
Bosco: “妈妈,走,我们回家睡觉!”
Me: “不行,我们还没有见医生,医生还没有叫你。”
Bosco: “叫医生叫我。。 我要快点见医生。。”

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chloe's Birthday Celebration at School

It's a bliss to actually take leave and spend the day for Chloe's birthday. Prepared morning breakkie *birthday noodle* for her, tied braids and prepared her for school.

Then picked her up for afternoon break+nap, and sent her back to school at 3pm to celebrate big day with her classmates.

On our way there:
Happy Kelly+Chloe and a moody boy who was waken up from his nap.

Rapunzel birthday cake from Bengawan Solo

Chloe with her K1 classmates (9 boys + 3 girls in her class this year)

With her afternoon Chinese teacher in-charge, Xiao Yun Lao Shi

Excited me and Chloe

Chloe with her best-friend-classmates, Sky and Elijah

Check out last year's celebration HERE.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Girl Turns 5!

A good 5 years have passed, since our darling Chloe came to our lives ...

The apple of our eyes ...

The role model to her lil' brother ...

And the one who taught us to love unconditionally ...

Happy 5th Birthday, Chloe!

Love you always,
Papa, Mama and Bosco

Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 Days to 5 Years Old

Randomly scrolled through my own timeline on facebook,
and found these classics by my soon-5yo-to-be.

It's that time of the year again, when I've been repeating "Time flies..."
Little girl has really grown so much.

 Love you loads, darling Chloe!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cheers for The Weekend is Here!

It has been a tiring weekdays due to Bosco bronchitis attack. Going to bed late due to work, waking up after a bare 2 hours sleep, to puff him in the midnight~~

So so glad that he is recovering well now. And Chloe's hacking voice has also seen a lot of improvement.

Now all I want is to have a good long sleep over the weekend, and a quality family time...


Monday, October 1, 2012

TTAP Family Day

Back in July, we were invited to Andy's company family day. It was a fun-filled morning at Bottle Tree Park, Yishun. Though Andy and I wished the weather could be a little cooler, the kids however enjoyed themselves much with the child-friendly activities.

Chloe asked if she could go to 'family day' on every weekend ... -.-"

Oops, the parents had reflected. And we have since been planning for more family bonding and activities with the kids there after.

The highlight of the day? Should be our new family tees :)
Photos below:

Surprisingly brave: Bosco ran up the stage to join Andy's amazing race team.

Enjoyed fresh popcorn, and lotsa balloons within 3-min-queue

Rather shy Chloe: concentrated on her colouring competition

Proud of her #1 winning entry of the day!

Chloe embraced herself to a hand painting.
Maybe a face paint next time?

A B C D in our Mickey getups.

**Tees by Giordano, we got them during our KL trip in June.