Sunday, February 28, 2010

年初四 • Playdate

A mini playdate for Chloe and her friends on the 4th day of CNY.
Fun time for the kids, catch up for the mummies :)

Those that turned up were Jayden, Adrienne, Garina, Hannah and her sister Deborah.

Check out Chloe's body language!

Head over heels! (mummy J, how? how?)

Girls in the house – Chloe, Garina and Adri

And Jayden had to leave earlier.
He was busy choosing either BJ or babybop to bring home hehe

No clear shot of Hannah

Yup that's her running in the background

Goodbye hugs for Adri and Garina

年初三 • 做善事

Snippets on our charity activity at Tai Pei Old Folks Home 大悲安老院.

Arriving in style, with a little baby in arms!

Super parents 百分百 :P

Oranges, angbaos and lots of well-wishes for the residents

Chloe completing her tasks!

Return blessings

Snap, snap, taking more photos :)

Bosco has sharp eyes for camera lens!

All of us!

More photos

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

年初二 • 聚一聚,捞一捞,发一发!

年初一 • 去拜年

I managed to take a few nice shots for Chloe and Bosco's grandparents on the first day of cny. A pity we forgot to take any ABCD family shot though. The kids wore lovely cheongsam and emperor suit. It's really a heartwarming scene :)

Kids' power nap after a day of collecting angbaos

The night was ended with lo-hei dinner, cake cutting and mahjong!!
Huat arh!!

除夕夜 • 吃团圆饭

Coming up is a series of new year posts over the past week!

It all started with a nice gathering dinner on the night before. The ABCD took a nice refreshing shower and geared up in red before heading to dinner. This year, mum-in-law prepared both steamboat and bbq food for the family.

The dinner kicked start a series of good luck, health and prosperity for the tiger year!! Roarrr!!

Turning 28!

This year, my birthday actually fall on the 1st day of Chinese new year. It is rather unusual, yet special. I've got my family members to sing birthday song for me, including my mum and dad in laws.. *blush*

Cake cutting was done after our loi-hei dinner and before the mahjong session. Too bad Bosco has gone to bed, so no family photo taken.

Happy Birthday to me!

Counting my blessings...

... and my extra calories after the two cheesy cakes.. yumz!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

过 虎(HO) 年!

Seven days into the tiger year, we are STILL having such a great time!

Have a prosperous year ahead!! Huat ah!!

*Will be back with more updates :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


恭祝所有叔叔,阿姨们, 新年快乐!“




Saturday, February 13, 2010




厉害吧 :)

Trio Lookalike

Friday, February 12, 2010

Solid for Bosco

Couple weeks ago, Bosco started to show interest in our food. He would set his eyes on our food and our chewing mouth during our mealtimes. When we were at Jas' house for playdates, Bosco stared so hard when I fed Chloe papaya. So we decided to mash some for him to try. Boy, he loved it! As a first timer, he could really 'eat' well.

So, today is the official commencement of solid feeding for Bosco. As a slacked second-time parents, we bought the exact same cereal as what we first gave Chloe (Nestle Gold Rice Cereal with Apple and Cranberry). And he took it so well as compared to Chloe.

First Cereal Meal from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

Self-reminder: I need to read back my archive on what I fed Chloe before! Time to take out the blender for some puree-fun :)