Monday, March 19, 2012

Transformational 1st Quarter

It seems that this has been developed to a habit. A bad habit that I can't go to bed easily every Sunday night!

And what's worse, with a headache and a constipated tummy, I'm actually taking this time to penning down my thoughts..

It somehow worked, if you read the nightmare post...

The holiday last month to Ho Chi Minh and back home to Medan, plus my post-LASIK break, summed up to a very short February..

Now doing the reality check, it's the time to take my career to a greater height. The time to fill in what's been missing in the past years. The time to make right what went wrong.

I wanna be a wiser me, and a better me!! Jiayou, me!!!

Ok now the sleepiness kicks in... Have a good, sweet, week ahead peeps!!