Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Last Lap

I can do this.. I can do this..

Just hang in there..

And it'll be over soon..

Looking at the month of February, and it really put a smile on my face :)


Yes, i can do this!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!

May this year brings more prosperity, more health, and more wealth to everyone of us!!

Huat ah!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Phuket for 6 hours

Cruise Day 3 | 20.09.2011

Let's do a photo recap on the unfinished cruise holiday posts!

Reached Phuket pretty early at around 9am..

Booked a transport for the day, I remember the driver spoke very minimal English. Luckily we still managed to cover the places we had planned..

My first stop – the long awaited massage at Burasari. Experienced the Thai signature massage for THB 1,500. Superb!! I must go back again.... *hint*

The kids and husband recharged themselves with loads of fries and hash brown at McDonalds while waiting for me..

Soon, they picked me up and we started our shopping spree at Patong Beach. I wish the time could just go a little slower, so we could lugged more stuff back. Unfortunately, the tummy were growling for food, and my back was shouting to rest as Bosco had dozed off in my arms.

So, we bidded goodbye to Patong to search for that authentic Thai cuisine, Raya..

Here at Raya, I was really looking forward to yummy Thai food, as described by Andy when he visited in Jan 2011.

The interesting decor has that wow factor, cos it resembled my kampong hometown from my childhood memories.

Crabmeat curry served with white vermicelli – pure satisfaction *must try*

Pad thai, fried rice and braised pork belly were among what we ordered.
Didn't remember fried rice could taste so good!

The kids enjoyed their lunch experience as much as Andy and I *burp*

Now I really miss Phuket.... ♥

Decluttering, Reorganizing, Getting Back on Track

The last week before CNY.. is best spent doing all the above mentioned!

From the space in my hard disk, the drawers and compartments in every corner of the house, the blog, the bags, everywhere!!!

Time-consuming, yet therapeutic....

ps. Backdated posts will start next...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prepping for the New Year

With much courage and support from Mrs Goh, finally I walked into PRO TRIM at Causeway Point and told the stylist, "I'd like to perm my hair!"

It was the day right after my submission, the boss gave LZ and I time-off to rest right after lunch. The voice in me whispered, "Never try, then I'd never know if having a curl would ever suit me?!" The stylist was very talkative in explaining carefully on every step he's going to make. Sleepy me managed to survive the 4 hours (cut + digital perm + treatment) and was pretty happy with the results...

Perming in progress, with my deep eye bags...

Second day results – still neatly in shape...

Today's the 3rd day, I'm a bit worried on how to keep the curl nicely maintained and styled -_-|| Anyway, meeting Mrs Goh tomorrow to give me tips and showing me lobangs to buy hair products.. *excited*

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012!

Again, it's the darn can't-leave-without-it mcD 'premium roast' coffee that keeps me awake at this wee hour..

Tonight, LZ and I left the office after 12 again.. We got all our proofs printed and trimmed nicely to size. The feeling was fantastic, pure satisfaction. We could have completed maybe 2 hours earlier, if not for the wrong book size given. Ah... lucky we found out tonight, and not tomorrow, the submission day!

We could have submitted with the nicely done up cover as well, if not for the last minute change of title. Ah well... better luck next time. Overall, I think we did well :)

Moving forward, I'm yearning for a good break and quality time with my family. I need time to unpack all my Christmas gifts; sort out and upload photos online; resume the holiday posts on my blog; start spring cleaning; have a little haircut; go back to my diet routine; staying away from coffee for a little while...

Yes! Quality time like this...