Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City | Feb 2012

Having visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with no expectations in February this year, resulted in us wanting to go back for more. Main factor was the good stay at New World Hotel, highly recommended! With upgraded stay at the executive floor, the complimentary breakfast and refreshments at the club house + wi-fi + the super friendly staff, left a remarkable good impression for us.

My mum-in-law and her friends went to book their tix and hotel stay barely a month after they got back from this trip! It was definitely an awesome experience for the whole family despite the short stay. Several perfect moments to share here...

Kids looking forward to the trip — taken before took off to HCMC
A warmth welcome to the hotel — absolute satisfaction at New World Hotel
A good variety of east meets west — Baby Spoon, near Bent Thanh market
Authentic local taste — Mon Hue Restaurant
The not-so-healthy fried snacks at the night market
Good dose of me-time + motherly manicure!
An energetic morning after a good night sleep, and a good daily servings of breakfast
Lastly, my definite yearning — Vietnamese coffee
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy January!

Those priceless smiles from the children,
lifted all the loads in our hearts ♥


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Merry Merry Season!

One last overdue post from the year of 2011...

First, it was a half-day-staycation for us at Festive Hotel, thanks to Kelly's mum!  
Hope we get to enjoy another staycation this year :D
Spot the difference *the art of smiling*  
Real smile — upon additional collection to his Cars family!  
Pre-Christmas dinner with the family at Rise, MBS  
Bosco and Grandma
Our yearly Christmas chill-out — held at the Tan's new abode this year  
Happy Chloe with lotsa presents by aunties and uncles :)  
Counting down to the year of 2012 with the dinosaurs Seetos at the Science Centre!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Love!

6 years since we registered our marriage. Happy Anniversary, Love!

Took MC today to see the dentist for my troubled tooth, which has been giving me headaches. Stepped out of the dental clinic, with 1 less tooth. And the dentist advised that I would most likely need to extract the wisdom tooth which sat next to this one.

Feeling sad, this was my 3rd tooth extracted in the past 3 years... I hope I'm not going toothless too soon. I want to grow old with my Love beautifully, with teeth!!

Teeth aside, I'm enjoying a nice ride in the bus to my next medical check-up. It's nice, cos I get to update the blog. It's ain't so nice when I actually hopped on to the wrong bus and have to re-route the way. Adventurous day, isn't it?

Just like finding the direction in life. When you are lost or found yourself in the middle of nowhere, keep your calm, stay your cool, ask, re-route, move back on track and go!

All I wanna say is, thank you for always showing me the direction, and walking the way with me. Love you baby!