Saturday, April 16, 2011

Medan in March | Andy's Birthday

4th Day | Andy's Unforgettable 32th Birthday

Rochelle, Chloe and Bosco waiting for birthday man to wake up...

Chloe and Jaze couldn't wait any longer,
so they broke the eggs and savoured the birthday mian xian prepared by mum

side track a little: look how much they've grown up here

There, birthday man posing with his 'girlfriends' again

Perhaps charm gets better with age?

Bro treated us lunch at Sushi Tei, Sun Plaza

Yummy birthday cake from Clovers Bakery Shop

Children gazed in awe at the candle lights..

Happy Blessed Birthday Man

Now everybody's waiting for her piece of cake...

Andy's most touching present of the year:
A birthday doodle by Michelle, my niece..

Next up, the awesome birthday dinner at Taipan...

Medan in March | That Perfect Family Portrait

3rd Day | A Fruitful Family Photos Taking

Home Rehearsal before getting to the studio - perfect!

A not very cooperative boy in the studio
(hungry, sleepy and scared of my makeup! gosh!)

Jovial Chloe with her own choice of Strawberry costume

The previews we saw were pretty okay, I like the big group shot which include the 15 of us. But I have yet to obtained any soft copies of the photos til date. Will post once I got them.

Following that, we had local Indon dinner at Pondok or Daun Pisang (..can't remember well, just remember it has to do with banana aka pisang)

Posing with our Avocado shake~~

Everyone's famished after a long session at the studio

The food was real good and rich in tastes and chillies

But the price was similar to Cemara Asri, in contrast to the small portion served

So Len, Cemara Asri is still the best must-visit!! hehehee

Friday, April 15, 2011

Medan in March | Kids Rules

A Happy 2nd Day at Medan

Shopping with the kids

Kids queuing up to give kisses *aww*

..and to take photos with Andy

Kids Rocks!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medan in March | Been So Long...

My 三大宝贝 checking-in...

It's Bosco's first flight and he seemed to know his way well

Home with the nieces (Andy's overwhelmed by them..)

Must-have grilled seafood dinner at Cemara Asri

I think there were total 18 of us

Babies not too happy with the hot weather

But soon delighted with the playground at the new temple nearby

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chloe and Bosco

Mama's favourite photos at the moment...

Their smiles just melt every single stress away...