Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chloe Turns 4!!

After a few months' anticipation, Chloe's birthday is finally here!

The best present from us, would probably be this long overdue photobook printed and delivered last month!

And yes, she has changed a lot from that drooling, hair-can't-seem-to-grow-long baby to a little girl who asks 10,000 whys but still melts your heart in so many ways!

The daddy's girl...

The brother's super idol...

Now I'd like to say,
Thank you for bringing love and joy to Papa and Mama!

Thank you for helping Mama to take care of your little brother...

We love you loads, darling Chloe!
Happy Birthday, stay happy and healthy always! :)

Muacks! Muacks!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Revisiting 槟城 and 极乐寺

Cruise Day 2 | 19.09.2011

Charging ourselves with power breakfast for a day trip at Penang!

Posing at the lobby, while waiting to get off the ship..

We got down to Penang at around 12:30pm, being picked up by our trustworthy taxi driver soon after at Penang Port. What's the one place that we have always planned to revisit in Penang? 极乐寺, of course.

Humid + drizzling weather explains Andy's expression in this photo!

The children love every moment at 极乐寺 though..

We covered the place well this time by walking climbing a lot of stairs, praying at different altars, making donations and well-wishes..

Donations for temple building – we did the exact same donations 4 years back!

Taking the inclined lift to the Guan Yin Statue

Read more about 极乐寺 here.

ABCD posing with our own 生肖..

Bosco said, "Mouse, Mouse, Mouse" and insisted to take a pic with Minnie Mouse.

My 2 cheeky baobeis...

Other stuff that we did were buying some local delicacies, getting a new luggage to replace our spoilt one, trying out the best char kway teow in Penang, and a short shopping break at Gurney Plaza..

Lastly, our final itinerary at Penang was food hunting at Gurney Drive.

Most of the food stalls were just starting to prepare their food at 5pm++. What we managed to try were another plate of char kway teow, a really authentic mua chee, and a unique sotong kangkong (nom, nom, nom...)

Back to the cruise at around 6pm++
I think we had barbeque dinner that night on the cruise. The kids then dozed off pretty early too, which allowed Andy and I to try out our lucks at the casino..