Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Easy First Night

Cruise Day 1 | 18.09.2011 PM

The cruise started off soon after the kids slept, around 4:30pm

Best time to sneak out with the husband to get some quick bites at The Blue Lagoon. And man, this kampong fried wings were really tasty!!


And more..

Later when Chloe woke up, she went to the pool with Papa and Bosco stayed in with me as he was having slight fever. Quick washing up following up, so that we could zoom out to have our dinner at the Pavillion. However, it was fully booked so we had to dine Chinese cuisine at Bella Vista.

Pairing up, so each one takes care of one kid

The food was quite a let down on that night...

It was an early night for the kids after Bosco poo-ed and smell real bad! Haa!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Go Onboard!

Cruise Day 1 | 18.09.2011

We reached and checked-in early at Harbourfront Centre before 11am. Brought the kids to see the cruise model and have an idea where we're going to stay for the next few days..

"Papa!! I wanna go to the swimming pool!!"

Roamed around Vivo City too, Bosco posing with McQueen at ToysRus

Then we showed the kids the real cruise, which Chloe went "Wah...!!"

We were the first on the priority balcony queue. Little girl getting restless...

Finally on board around 12:31am, balloons really cheered them up!

Photo taken by the crew member

March.. march.. march..
Trying to find our room only to know that it's still being cleaned up

So we hung around the Deck 12 – waiting for food at the Mediterranean Buffet Restaurant

Little exercising after our lunch..

The kids' battery seem to be low by now...

So, we got in our room finally, for the kids' afternoon nap...

The balcony deck was certainly worthwhile...

That's all for now.. Be back later folks!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holiday Once More

We came back from our 3N4D Penang Phuket Cruise with SuperStar Virgo last night. All things went well. It was much more relaxing compared to the Macau/Hong Kong trip. Very recommended for parents who travel with running monkeys kids like ours. Will blog about the trip more later....

Sneak peeks 1 – at Penang Port

Sneak peeks 2 – monkey business at the cabin

Monday, September 19, 2011

Paradise Dynasty 乐天皇朝

*An automated post done up before our cruise holiday:

Last month, on Bosco's birthday, we went to try Paradise Dynasty at ION Orchard after hearing many good recommendations. I think this group of restaurants is now our most favourite Chinese cuisine pick, after Din Dai Fung. I think they have done a good job for the member loyalty programme too! One complain though, the PR supervisor at Paradise Inn@Funan Mall was way too annoying for hard-selling mooncakes to us!

Back to the topic, it was a great day for everyone took leave to celebrate birthday with Bosco! You have no idea how difficult it is to invite my FIL out to Orchard, on a weekday!

Highlight of the day...

Happy girls anticipating for food...

Bosco's hand sign: "where's my food?"

"Good things in life are worth waiting," I told my son...

So here they come....

Original xiao long bao

Cheese xiao long bao

Black Truffles xiao long bao (my favourite)

Foei Gras xiao long bao (Andy's favourite)

My La Mian in Signature Pork Bone Soup (mmmmm...)

and yum yum pork cutlet which came with my La Mian

Too bad I didn't get to capture what the rest had. But I foresee a return visit very soon.... *tummy growling*

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cruising Thru Time

A little hiatus since the last post.. My weekdays nights had been spent doing house chores and nothing but house chores. And it made me realize the freak in me. I bet the husband was a little annoyed by my persistence in cleaning up the house. Sorryyyyy....

Now with all things aside, I'm in a very settled mood to blog about tomorrow, or rather, later in the day... We are going away on a little vacation, yep it'll be just the four of us. What makes this special, it's as what the husband call it, the rekindled honeymoon.

Flash back 4 years ago, Andy and I went on a cruise holiday, as our 'honeymoon', right after my first trimester, together with both our parents and Kelly along.... Now u know why this time will be special!! :) So stories been shared to Chloe that she was in my tummy back then, and this trip will actually be her second. I wonder if she really understands...?

Anyway, some of the photos back then...

It was more than FOUR years ago.. okay?? *ahem*

around 16–17 weeks preggie with Chloe

my most favourite photo during the trip!

"oh, darling, what had we eaten for the past 4 days?"

Well, let's hope we don't grow too fat after this trip!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Serious Sin(幸)-Ful(福)-ING

In the span of a month, both Andy and I have put back the kilos we managed to lose in the past 4 months. We threw the idea of dieting far out of the windows ever since we spend the weekends with the Gohs.

Being able to eat whatever we want, feel really good!

Being able to enjoy the good food together, damn it's the most Sin(幸)-Ful(福) thing in the world!

Home made steamboat and bbq, all prepared by Mrs Goh!

And the men did their best – finishing the food!

Another weekend, another hot pot and such contented looks!

Yum.. Yum.. tummy is yearning for some hot soup as I blog...

That's not all! A lovely coffee break was equally indulging...

... accompanied with a game or two..

oops – take 1

oops – take 2


and this is the pro.. :P

Finally, us, the serious Sin(幸)-Ful(福)-ING crime offenders!!