Sunday, July 24, 2011


They say with age, along comes wisdom. I couldn't agree more with dear husband's exceptional TLC recently. It was our 5th ROM anniversary and work was damn shitty. Then I received lovely surprise from Andy delivered to the office. I think at that very moment, my whole world stopped. Trying very much to control that tears from falling down, I called my man to thank him.

At the same time, I felt sorry for myself. Sorry for drowning myself with piles and piles of work. Sorry for not able to leave home early for the family. It was a real wake-up call... So, with love and support from the family, I re-evaluated the family and work balance. Nothing else matters more than the family.

With growing love and wisdom *ahem*, I'm sure we can overcome this.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Took Place Between March to May

I truly find contentment after completing the Hong Kong and Macau holiday posts. With that, I'd like to update a series of catching up events that took place between March to May too. I checked my blog archive, I only had maximum 5–6 posts per month since Jan 2011. (O_o) I hope I'd be able to update and maintain PRIMAdaily better chronologically.

Now, here goes the good times with friends and family:

Long over due catch up with Michelle

When's next babe? ;)

FIL's birthday at Peach Garden, celebrated with a Pine Garden cake

With fellow motherhood mummies friends at Ayden's 1st Birthday Party

Rachel's Birthday Bash in April, sweet party organized by Mr Tan!

Then, it was Mr Tan's birthday at Eatzi, Yishun Safra

Visited Rachel and baby Jerome, the weekend after we got back from HK

Travelled all the way up to Johor for Andy's colleague's baby shower

Bestie Sri's baby Liam turned 1 too!

Eat+Shop+Play Dates with Ning Xuan and her parents

Friday, July 22, 2011

HK and Macau Holiday Finale

HK Day 4 | 3 May 2011

Last day at HK *sobs*, we decided to pamper ourselves to a good dim sum at East Ocean 东海, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, next to Shangri-la Hotel.

A little disappointed initially, when we learnt that they didn't serve 流沙包 like we have it here in Singapore. But everything else was just so uhmmmm yummay!!

Chloe's accomplishment of the day – getting to use the chopstick independently

Little Bosco wasn't too happy cos he didn't get his pair of chopstick

Kelly's beaming, spoilt with choices :)

After lunch, we settled the kids back to the hotel for a short nap. That's part of the agenda to sneak out without the kids again. We savoured last round of desserts before leaving for the airport around 4pm.

We arrived really really early at the airport. The kids couldn't be happier, not to mention recharged, after their power nap.

Do you know why Chloe was posing side way?

Because she said she wanted to be like Barbie, captured side view in this wallpaper..
Haha, funny girl :)

Dinner took place at you guess where...
Yup! We had dinner at Tsui Wah again... (4th time), and the standard of food was equally as good as before, especially their 鱼蛋河粉.

Chloe and Kelly posing as pilots, at the dummy plane next to the eatery area

On the way to our departing terminal

Little act of vanity before boarding the plane

On our way back to Singapore... 好舍不得...

Sunday, July 17, 2011


HK Day 3 | 2 May 2011

It was our 2nd last day in HK, and having not planned the exact itinerary, we strolled out after breakfast and took the unusual route. We were walking towards Tsim Sha Tsui from the hotel and viola, we reached Harbour City 海港城, a huge shopping centre with a wide range of shopping *happy*

Taking a shot with the exterior of the shopping mall, after escaping the temptations *phew*

So, we continued walking, go through the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station to go to our next destination

And we reached Avenue of Stars 星光大道 soon after.

Chloe activated her star-mode posing

Bosco was slightly grumpy, being in the stroller for too long

Again, the crowd in the background...

Our only couple shot taken during the trip

Posing with our idols' handprints

Singing and enjoying the cuttlefish we bought during the walk, super yummy!

Next, we went back to the Tsim Sha Tsui underpass to discover this linked mall, K11
It has a unique art+shop concept with this open space for us to take a break.

Bosco was happy to get out of stroller and given a piece of 老婆饼 for his tea break.

While dancing and eating, the 老婆饼 slipped out of his hand, hence this wailing face

Hugging a whiny baby to pose with this toast-made Mona Lisa
Cool, isn't it?

Out of K11, we took the train to Mongkok 旺角 and did a brief shop at Ladies Market 女人街.
Managed to curb my craving of egg waffles 雞蛋仔, 臭豆腐,炸大肠 。。。Good time had to end soon as the boy was super cranky, the crowd was getting too overwhelming for the 4 of us. Ah well, Chloe was still in her posing mode, haha!!

So, we flagged a cab back to the hotel, reunited with PIL and Kelly for dinner at Tsui Wah (3rd time) near the hotel. And back again to the hotel to meet one of our relatives in HK.

Here Chloe and Bosco with some serious posing.

And me, outside the hotel, miss those street lights...

Meet the relatives, the one in orange is Andy's distant cousin from Hainan.

That night after the kids were asleep, Andy and I sneaked out to have more 炸大肠 in the vicinity and shopped at 女人街. I really miss those moments!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Peak and Madame Tussauds

HK Day 2 PM | 1 May 2011

The initial plan to take the tram up to the peak was changed due to the queue was exceptionally long. It was the 黄金周 holiday for HK and China that whole week. So, we flagged a cab and paid about HKD200+ to The Peak to beat the crowd.

Photo upon reaching.
(if you could see the return tram queue at the right, it was at least double the crowd down there...)

Walking up the building, I think this huge wall poster was interesting..

What a foggy night, we hardly could see any buildings~~

Better, but blurry shots...

After dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant, we decided to head down to Madame Tussauds for the wax figures exhibition. So we were greeted by 林志玲, shortly after a 'must-pay' photo taken with 成龙 at the main entrance.

Andy and Chloe tagging along the hall of fame with Nicole Kidman


Andy + Bosco + Andy

I have no idea who this is. But Chloe insisted she must take a photo with her. Guess what did Chloe spill to her white dress?

The man and boy soon ran to Ayumi

Even my dear FIL too! hehehe

Taking a family shot with Kelly. Bosco was so afraid to get near her :P

Bosco getting warmed up. Posing with Lady Diana

Andy and FIL taking photograph with their best friend :D

And more....

Got wacky with Einstein



Bosco enjoying every bit now..

exhausting yet super fun!!!

Handsome men and boy :)

Madonna versus Lady Gaga?

Last stop, bye bye 千嬅..

I think Andy and I burnt a lot of calories exploring and carrying Chloe and Bosco up and down at this place.. Phoa~~

So again, we flagged a cab down straight to our hotel with aching arms and legs. That summed up to a fulfilling day 2. Oh no, wait, I think Andy and I sneaked out to 庙街 and shopped after the kids were asleep. Shiok!