Monday, March 17, 2014

Handsome Boy

Standing outside QB house, Bosco was playing with my phone while I was watching pass the glass door intensely towards the hairstyler — who was trimming Chloe's hair.

While falling into complete awe watching Chloe's short neat hair, there was a young boy who walked out of the salon shyly to his mum. His mum, just like every other mum, gave a 'wow!' remarks checking out his son's new haircut too. 

In the next second, his mum said, "Let's go, handsome boy!"

There, Bosco was distracted from the game he was playing and asked me, "Who's calling out to me, huh?"

Exact words blurted out in Chinese was, “啊,谁在叫我啊?”

Coupled with his innocent look, I burst out a loud laughter. That's a really nice one, son!