Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Macau, Here We Come!

Macau Day 1 | 28 April 2011

The Lims had another fantabulous holiday back in end April to Macau and HK. Andy planned for almost everything. There were 4 of us, my niece–Kelly, my inlaws and inlaws' 8 more friends flying together. Yep, total 15 of us flying together.

Holiday started from the early flight with Tiger Airways to Macau.
It was mere 6am in the morning,
and Chloe was too excited about the whole trip!

At the stroller, in the cabin.

Work was crazy and I barely slept for 2 hours the night before.

Reached Macau Int'l Airport 3 hour and 40 minutes later,
and the kids were busy navigating around with the map...

Didn't manage to check-in to the hotel yet,
so we strolled out right after our lunch.

First stop, Fisherman's Wharf. Sadly, it was deserted and clearly over-rated..
Weather was pretty cooling though..

One thing we really loved about Macau was the free bus services from one casino to the other. So, we moved on to The Venetian soon after...

Andy and the inlaws were soon nowhere to be found (kidding!)
Well, the casino were clearly tempting... That place resembles a lot like Genting Highlands, a bigger and more elegant one of course!

I took a break with the children at Starbucks,
thankfully it was big and spacious enough for Bosco to roam around!

Checking his sleeping jie jie!

"OK, checked! Chloe jie jie is sleeping...
So, does that mean that we can get to have more share of that pie?"

The superb char-siew-pie served only in Macau... I think!


Next, more on The Venetian and our duck dinner..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medan in March | Memorable Last Day

Had sumptuous lunch at Grandma's and discovered this 100yo treasure bowl

Andy busy posing with the nieces again

Giselle sure loves him!!

The Girls' last deal on their hello kitty cards

The sleepy banker who got knocked out after the game...

Dinner at the restaurant Samudra, next to the Polonia Airport

All in all, a lovely balik kampung getaway for me and family.

We could now do this in a yearly basis!! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Medan in March | When The Lights Went Out

6th day in Medan

It was our 2nd last day and we so lucky that we only started to experience the 'no-electricity-night' during this trip. We had a so-so dinner at Duck King. That place was clearly over-rated. Nothing came close like Taipan. Pui!

But the company still counts!! :)
Kids: Alvin, Jaze, Chloe and Bosco

One of the few family shots

non stop eating~~

hanging out at J W Marriott Medan for free aircon
while waiting for the electricity to resume

Girls' Generation wannabes

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Medan in March | Birthday Feast

Andy's birthday dinner at Taipan Restaurant, Medan

Sumptuous meal.. nom nom nom...

Us, minus Bosco who sleeps throughout the dinner

The adult table

and the children's corner

We uncovered a few more iPhone junkies during the trip :)