Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bosco's 4th Birthday | 18.08.2013

A long overdue post. I have been ignoring this blog for too long, I really feel the guilt!

So today I try meddling the photos with the photo apps available from the phone, and really hope that these would turn out alright!

A little snippets back to Bosco's 4th Birthday — a little celebration at school 2 days earlier, and cake cutting at home on his actual birthday.

We had a family lunch with his grandparents + aunts + cousin too but no pictures on that. Note to self: just snap some pictures, we could decide later if they are presentable enough ;)

So, here we go :)

Bosco had sudden crush with the Transformers this year, that explained for the choice of cakes.

Chloe Jie Jie helped to warm him up more.

Those priceless moments :)

Posing with his classmates with Chloe accompanying.

Happy with his matching Transformers tee Papa got from USS, even sobbed when asked to take it off for shower later in the evening.

Then a happy soul again after checking the Bumblebee cake out!

The togetherness we shared :)

May you continue to be showered with love, health and happiness in your growing up journey, Bosco! 

Love always, 
from Papa, Mama and Jie Jie!